Toni sticks his awe in Arsenal’s Jovetic pursuit

Nobody likes someone sticking their nose in where it is not wanted and for that reason Luca Toni will not be on Arsenal’s Christmas card list. 

The Metro are reporting that the striker has stated that his Fiorentina team mate Stevan Jovetic should not move to the Emirates as the Gunners are no bigger that the Florence outfit.

Whilst you could argue that Toni might have a point particularly if Arsenal miss the Champions League, however such input is not exactly helpful to Arsenal’s efforts to convince of one Europe’s most highly rated players to join the club given that convincing him to join a side who seem incapable of keeping their best players is not exactly straight forward as it is.

Fiorentina like Arsenal currently sit with their participation in next years Champions League in the balance, therefore meaning that it might not just be their own battle for a place in Europe’s premier competition that Arsenal fans might want to keep an eye on.

Luca Toni is, in fairness, is only looking after his own, however Arsenal must hope that Jovetic is very much his own man and that the Italians words don’t plant seeds of doubts into the highly rated Montengran’s mind, for the Gunners could very much do with his fire power.

Matt Carter

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