Van Persie vindicated (Video)

Manchester United celebrated their 20th title win in style thanks to a hat-trick from Robin van Persie. The Dutchman joined the Red Devils from fierce rivals Arsenal last summer after becoming disillusioned with the direction the London club was taking and the lack of trophies won during his eight year spell at the club.

As the final whistle was blown last night and the players started to celebrate, there was one player with a slightly larger smile than the rest; RVP could jump around with joy at finally collecting a league winners medal after so many years of goalscoring exploits going unrewarded.

Whilst Arsene Wenger will be talking about his developing squad and the potential of his players, Sir Alex Ferguson will face up to his old rival this weekend in a more relaxed condition than normal. His team are champions, with a 16 point lead over Manchester City, and the Scot will already be planning for next season and how he can make his team even stronger. Meanwhile, Robin van Persie will line up against former team mates and friends and will play in front of the fans who adored him for such a long time. His decision to leave the Emirates looks like a good decision now that he has a winners medal to show off and only the hardest of Arsenal fans can begrudge him success after so much dedication and service to the club. 

Ultimately his decision to head north was somewhat forced upon him, as he was coming towards the final years of his career and wanted silverware to show for his years playing in England. After watching players such as Fabregas, Nasri, Clichy, Song and others sold to rivals over his final seasons at Arsenal, he was extremely frustrated that Wenger seemed reluctant to spend on reinvestment and perceived the replacements to be of inferior quality. Now he is surrounded by players of quality and trophy winning experience and at long last can proudly lift the trophy that has evaded him for such a long time.

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  1. April 24, 2013 at 8:27 am #

    As a gooner surely you feel he owes us. Henry, Cesc, Viera et al left to win trophies. They could see the club would be out spent by two clubs rather than the one on the arrival from Roman at Chelsea. RvP as a player is somewhat responsible for our lack of silverware. The manner he speaks in his interviews is like we held him back for 8 years. In fact, our loyalty to players like him held us back.

    So much dedication and service? The first opportunity he had he left. He spent more time injured than playing. In 2008 and 2010 if he had played a full season we could have been champions. The club dont have the money or wont release the money to cover him so we had to make do without him.

    We should have sold him before his last two contracts, he would not be the player he is now, thats for sure.

    I find it disturbing that gooners would want to use this wanker as a stick to beat the club with. I am not happy with our board for selling to Kronke or for not giving the manager more money or putting pressure on him to win things. However, that does not excuse RvP for walking out on a club that showed him more loyalty than he deserved.

    I think you should look at him playing record for Arsenal and ask yourself if he was a UTD player 8 years ago would they have stuck by him? No.

  2. indian gooner April 24, 2013 at 8:57 am #

    I agree with you on certain points. To say that we might beat the club with this wanker is wrong.The fans have supported the club through its transition period which has lasted longer than we wanted or were promised.If moving to emirates was to sell out to kroenke instead of wanting to win things, i doubt if any fan would have wanted us to make the move from highbury. Being loyal to players is a mistake since they too will not be loyal once a winning club comes after them. So we either start winning(which will negate their need to move for silverware) or stop being so loyal to players(like djourou,rosicky,rvp who have spent more time on the treatment table than on the pitch and gave them contracts after contracts without testing whether they could last a season the pitch). Also the current climate at our club is one of mediocrity fuelled by AW. Reaching 4th place is not a trophy and at this rate i reckon even the likes of wilshere,ox,cazorla and podolski might want to quit in the next 1/2 seasons….

  3. April 24, 2013 at 11:06 am #

    in reply to indian gooner

    “If moving to emirates was to sell out to kroenke instead of wanting to win things, i doubt if any fan would have wanted us to make the move from highbury”. – that was not an option – we had to move, our revenue from Highbury was not enough to cover an ever expanding wage bill.

    Being loyal to players is a mistake since they too will not be loyal once a winning club comes after them. – so we go for the Chelsea model were wages are no problem and we can discard of player as and when cause we can afford to do so.

    Loyalty to a player can sometimes be that bargaining chip that will give us some leverage like when you say the “winning club” comes knocking

    Also the current climate at our club is one of mediocrity fuelled by AW – we finished 3rd last yr for FFS behind 2 teams that ended on the same points (man utd have been the richest club in the world for a while and man city just spent a Bil on players.
    We might be on course to finish 3rd again and if we do what does that say about the rest of the league if we are so happy for mediocrity?

    Reaching 4th place is not a trophy – but you get more money for being in the CL than the FA cup, Capital One cup and Europa league put together so its a no-brainer that it is prioritised over those competitions as we have to pay players a competetive wage to bring us that medicrity that you say we aim for. but yet you would rather a shinny trophy and less money to compete with aimming for mediocrity.

    And like the poster said above – Van Piss taker was part of a team that FAILED to get anywhere with Arsenal – and instead of looking at himself and taking some responsibility he would rather blame, the board, the manager and his team mates like he did in his stinking letter when he was our club captain. he is worse than ADEBAYOR

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