A Poetic Gunners Town GoonerDave66 End of Season Review

Skipper gone and now
only no Song

Lukas, Olivier and
Santi came along

Written off by the
press, no surprise

Best to ignore, they
only print lies

August is upon us,
new fuel in our tank

Two games no scoring,
drawing a blank

Liverpool away this
must be a dream

Abou majestic, Santi
and Poldi supreme

Into September and
staying undefeated

To six at home to the
Saints we were treated

A win en France, a
comeback v City

Conceding few goals and sitting pretty

Three past the Greeks
and Olly now scoring

Three more past the
Hammers confidence soaring

Then defeats by
Canaries and Schalke with woeful display

And Diaby out
injured, it’s Groundhog Day

A Carling Cup horror
at Reading from the starting 11

A come back so
stirring, 442 and a Magnificent 7

Yes I am going all Hollywood

But not Brynner and
McQueen but Theo and Chammy!

A bounce back in the
league beating Rangers by one

A day marked by the
return of our ‘Prodigal son’

So great to see the
touch is there Jack

Too soon to say our
future is back?

A pathetic loss at
United shows our true worth

Not yet progressing
and not a rebirth

Our new skipper
struggling, slipping and falling

Our ex-hero scoring
our defence was appalling

Better away in
Germany but still only a draw

Defensive lapses
again are becoming a bore

Bounce back versus
Fulham then, three points we insist

Three points turns to
one a penalty missed

Gloom turns to joy a
history repeat

Farewell to sent off Ade a 5-2

Big Per starts the
scoring, his header means so much

And all for attackers
discover their touch

Into December feeling
buoyant, a semi-final to beckon

Only Bradford to
punish, easy we reckon

A freezing cold night
and 3000 of us numbed

At the way a strong
side so easily succumbed

The lowest I felt as
Gooner in many a year

A long drive home the
future less clear

On the back of a home
defeat to the Swansea and the Greeks

A defensive pairing
not working, too many leaks

Much stronger v
Reading with Santi better and better

Edging past Wigan,
redemption for Arteta

Then a thriller v
Toon with Theo calming fears

A Messi-like hattrick
to live in the memory for years

A new year dawns but
can we progress?

Draws at Saints and
Swansea Vermaelen/Per combo a mess

We were shocking at
home to City, we can’t get it right

Quote stats at me
Wenger but pairing is shite

A replay at home
versus Swansea next up

We owe them and could
this be our year in this Cup

One man won this came
with his single hand

The night we as one
said Jack it is your own ‘Wonderland’

A one-man display of
phenomenal power and poise

The Emirates paying
tribute, an incredible noise

A tingle all over at
each tribute and cheer

Definitely a night to
say ‘I was there’

The confidence short
lived down to earth with a bump

Rolled over by Blues
a home defeat slump

Bouncing back at West
Ham it was down to one player

3 assists and a goal
for Poldi Hammer Slayer

A brace for Giroud, a
cup win at Brighton

Not so convincing for
the big boys to frighten

But a place in the
next round still a reward

And a selection of
significance with Kozza restored

A draw scraped v Liverpool,
a poor 1-0 v Stoke

Still not convincing
but not quite a joke

January ends and February begins still way off the pace

It cannot get worse that cannot be the case?

January passed and
the window closed

No attacking arrivals
questions are posed

A manager under
pressure of that there’s no doubt

But you have to
support him as they won’t kick him out

A 10-man display v
Black Cats of resilience and style

Sagna in the centre
the best by a mile

Koscielny played and
again tight at the back

Strangely now seeming
toothless in attack

Next up the worst 4
days of the season

Le Boss resting stars
for no apparent reason

No Poldi, no Santi,
no Theo, no Jack

No logic for me
when’s it’s trophies we lack

Surely it could not feel lower, doubt that I could

The Tuesday v Bayern
soon showed me I would

Our last chance of
Silver now seemingly dust

Something had to
change or In Wenger do we still trust?

The first change to
move Santi out on the left

Two goals for him
beat Villa but still feeling bereft

No feeling better after
defeat at the Lane

Confidence low and
Bayern away next it’s insane

Bold decisions time
for Wenger as skipper left out

Fab in for Shezza
another huge shout

The return of Mozart,
the midfield rocket

The return of
Koscielny with Mandzukic in his pocket

We defeated the
German giants at home and did not concede

A feat matched by no
one the boast that we need

It’s déjà vu as we
find our form in the spring

Whether we can
maintain it like 2012 if a whole other thing

The BFG is slow but
Kozza is quick

Pairing them
certainly seemed to be the right trick

The Frenchman’s
quality and German’s game reading

No Belgium
indiscipline and the defence now succeeding

Four victories in the
league followed as we head for top four

Only 3 goals conceded
our defence now a bore

The centre so solid
there is only one question

Monreal or Gibbo with
Gibbs my suggestion

Reading dispatched
and Rocky remembered

Fulham dispatched and
Norwich surrendered

United now champions
and came to N5 so

Are we so far off
them? A draw suggests no

The home straight is
reached and it is back in our hands

Not what we hoped for
but that is where it stands

Not a trophy for me
finishing top four

But better than not
I’m equally sure

A tight win at Loftus
and bye bye to Twitchy

Sorry that’s beneath
me and awfully bitchy

A nervous last game
at home for this campaign

But four past poor
Wigan our joy but their pain

Final day tension and
final day glory

Misery for the Spuds,
a similar story

An unlikely hero or maybe
one so true

Because who turned the
season around? Koz it was you

A long summer ahead
with money to spend

All we ask Arsene is
don’t leave it to the end

One keeper, one
defender, a midfielder to sit

And of course a new
striker but in truth that is it

So ends my review all written in rhyme

Signing off Gooner Dave, until next time.

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