Jack the Lion, El Capitan, The BFG or Kozza? Who should be the Arsenal captain next season?

Sunday marks the end of
the week and the final day of our Gunners Town Awards. Thank you to all those
who have logged on in the past six days to cast your vote on a number of
different awards.

finish with one that has cropped up many times this season, and that is who
should be sporting the captain’s armband next term. With Thomas Vermaelen
unlikely to retain his skipper duties due to his inability to hold down a place
in the starting XI, many have called for vice-captain Mikel Arteta to be given
the role on an official permanent basis; seeing as that he pretty much leads
the team out every match anyway. However, there have been calls to resign a
certain Spaniard on the promise of giving his the honour.

is what our team thought.

Batmandela – Mikel Arteta

It’s a tough one, this. If Arteta
remains fit, I’d have him keep the armband he won off Vermaelen in the latter
third of this season. He has all the qualities one desires in a captain. He’s
smart, experienced, respected, and he leads by example. But he’s getting on,
and may very well be replaced this transfer window.

Wilshere will make a great captain
some day, but I feel he’s too young, and there is enough pressure on him

Darren Wright – Mikel

In my humble opinion, Mikel Arteta should be the captain of
Arsenal next season. I would have chosen him this season to be honest. Not
because he has perfect hair but because he is brilliant. Just brilliant. Oh,
and a leader. 

Steve Wellman – Mr. A

Don’t really care, as long as they
do it with passion and commitment.

Chris Moar – Per

It’s got to be Per Mertesacker. As I said, he’s a
true leader in defence. I believe that the captain should always be someone in
the first-team who is always consistent. Vermaelen isn’t that; Per can be.
Arteta is also in with a shout, but I’d like it to be Mertesacker. 

Ryan Baker – Laurent

Has proved just how important he
is to our back four and overall team. Comes up with the goods whenever he is
needed, has made some superb interceptions and acrobatic clearances and has
proved he can lead by example.

Chris Mader – Mikel

He led the team more than once. He’s the one
pushing them and guiding the younger players. But only if Vermalen leaves as
I’m not in favour of a new captain every season.

Michael Jeffares –
Laurent Koscielny

I suspect he won’t get many votes but he’s the obvious choice
for me. We need to give the armband to a player who performs well in his
position. Arteta should move away from defensive midfield and may find
himself contesting a place with Aaron Ramsey and Wilshere. Speaking of Jack he
still can’t prove his durability to be relied upon. So Koscielny it
is but he has shown great leadership and he has steadied the back line and we
appear to be a more cohesive as a result.

Andy Wood – Jack

Hmm, difficult one. Arteta doesn’t do much wrong if
I’m honest but can you guarantee him 90mins every week? I`d be more inclined to
give it to Jack if he proves his fitness. Wilshere is Arsenal’s future and is (when
fit ) one of the first names on the team sheet. The added responsibility wouldn’t
sit heavy on his shoulders and for those that say he is too young I say
remember Tony Adams ? 

Dave Seager – Mikel

If Wenger thinks he will play
each week again next season it should be Arteta. 

Anushree Nande – Mikel

Mikel Arteta. Though playing more
of a defensive role, the Spaniard’s done a commendable job of not only
protecting our back-line and being a link between offense and defence, but also
of keeping the faith and morale up within the team and squad. An intelligent
player with an excellent reading of the game and calm head on his shoulders,
good leadership qualities and a persona every other player seems to love and
respect, he’s my choice to continue captaining us next season.

Abayomi Aje– Mikel

He has the leadership qualities that we have lacked
for years.

John Woods – Mikel

If it’s not broken don’t fix it. Only in name is he not our
captain – Mikel Arteta without question, with the vice captain as Per.

Lvova – Mikel Arteta

Still unbeaten in all games he’s captained so far. He has the
respect of the changing room and he is going nowhere. I think he’ll be a great
example on and off the pitch.

Littlechild – Mikel Arteta

Mr Reliable and the heart
of our team, I think it’s Mikel Arteta who really leads and drives our team,
and in all honesty he’s done that this year already despite Thomas Vermaelen
having the armband. I’m of the belief that the role of the captain in modern
day football is rather redundant anyway, but Arteta stands out to me as the man
who fits the role better than most and could do the job fantastically for a
couple of years before Jack Wilshere inevitably gets it in the future, but it’s
too early for Jack to have it now. Arteta’s a regular starter (for now, that
may change in time), has enough experience of the English game and is a press
and PR dream to have at your disposal (as we see from his frequent Arsenal
Player interviews), and I’d be rather surprised if the armband wasn’t his come

Do you agree? Let us know by placing your vote below and then either leave us a comment or Tweet us saying which player deserves the award. The best answers will be displayed in the reveal piece next week.

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