Arsenal the envy of the Premier League as top rivals fall behind

Please note this is an alternative look at the non-activity in the
transfer window and not my definitive view!

Could no change bring about a big change at The
Arsenal.  With last
season’s top three going through the change (HRT and other medicines are
available), could the break that Arsenal need, be that the status quo remains
at The Emirates?

Brand United :  

Sir Rudolph Ferguson, finally, after 76 years in
charge at Cold Trafford, hangs up his sheep skin overcoat and swans off to his
livery, to drink himself into oblivion on 10-year-old whiskey and watch Michael
Owen lose more of his well-earned coin (?) on a Fergie-owned nag.  

Harsh commentary on SAF?  It’s my blog,
blah, blah, blah. But was he the glue that kept the Brand together? He
controlled the squad omnipotently.  After all, one bad word, no matter how
good and important a player you are and boom you’re on the next flight out of
Ryan Giggs International Airport, just ask Jaap Stam! 

Can David Moyes wield that power, maintain the
leadership and control the egos, especially of players who won’t/don’t play
regularly? And can he bring the players to the club to keep them at the level
they expect?  

At present the answer is NO. 

Wayne Rooney and Cesc Fabregas spring to mind.

Manchester Cit¥: 

Last season they proved that money can’t buy you
everything and the Shieks decided, in their power crazed wisdom, that it was
all Roberto Mancini’s fault and that FA Cup Winners, Premier League Champions and
FA Cup/EPL runners-up in three seasons isn’t good enough. 

 The “Engineer” has been brought
to reconstruct Middle Eastlands. 

With a new look strike force and a new
management philosophy, will they be able to hit the ground running?


On their 11th tenure in the 10 years since Roman Abramovich
took over the club (counting Jose Mourinho twice), so they are used to

But, Jose obviously had issues with Roman before and
they may rear their ugly head again.  

My dad didn’t give me much advice on life, but
one pearl was “Never go back, she’s not the same second time around”,
so if history is anything to go buy, maybe it’s just a matter of time until
number 12 arrives?  

They also have a number of new players and are
going through a rejuvenation of the old guard, so may need a season to bed in
the new layout.  

And so this leads us on to our beloved Arsenal:  

As we all know Arsene has been trying, but
spending money just don’t come ‘au natural’ to Mr. Wenger.  

This could potentially leave us, despite the
promising beginnings, with no new superstar signing come September 2nd and last
season’s foot soldiers to fight our battle next term. 

But would this be such a disaster? 

Olivier Giroud, Lukas Podolski and Santi Cazorla
will all be one season wiser on the Premier League treadmill and with the rest
of the match day squad featuring the likes of established stars such as Jack Wilshere,
Mikel Arteta, Theo Walcott, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Laurent Koscielny and Per
Mertesacker along with the potential of Serge Gnabry, Gedion Zelalem and Thomas
Eisfield, the squad is arguably as good as any other of the top three on their
day and dare I say, the envy as a base point of any team in the EPL!

Can The Arsenal challenge with what they’ve

Deep down, I know we need a couple of additions,
so to use the bastardised words of Jon Bon

Gooners, Gooners, tell your children 

That our time has just begun 

We have suffered for our

But this league it can be won 

Gooners Gooners please believe me 

We can start a golden run 

We were broken, we were shallow 

Forgive me 

and believe our time has come 

Everybody needs somebody to love 

(Gooners, Gooners) 

Everybody needs somebody to hate 

(please believe me) 

Everybody’s bitching 

Cause they can’t get enough 

And it’s hard to hold on 

When there’s trophy to hold up 

Faith: now that we have lived thru the pain 

In Wenger you got to keep the faith 

Faith: don’t let your love turn to hate 

Right now we got to 

Keep the faith 

Keep the faith 

Keep the faith 

In Wenger you got to keep the faith 

TheSundayMorningGooner: two Weeks until the early
mornings begin. 

Please Read, Enjoy, Share and follow me and the
rest of the team.

Steve Wellman

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    The Coolest and best Blog i have ever seen!!!!
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