Are you a real Gooner? Take the Arsenal Citizenship Test; Xmas Invincibles Special

Arsenal Invincibles

As Noddy Holder says at the start of November every year at a Tesco’s (Coles if you are Aussie) near you: 


Once you finished trying to get the receptionist trapped with you in the stationary cupboard and you stopped photocopying your genitals, you might like to have a crack at the Christmas Special of the Arsenal Citizenship Test?

This Christmas Special is all about a special team; THE INVINCIBLES

This months results will be graded out of 20:

0 to 5: Dumb Arse

6 to 10:  ‘Arf An Arse

11 to 15: Smart Arse

16+: Grade A Arse

Please let the @GunnersTown team know how you got on, we want to keep track of you GoonerGeeks out there 😉

Same rules as before,

Answers are at the end, so no cheating and no Googling. You’ll let the boss down, you’ll let the tea lady down, but worst of all, you’ll be left with your pants down.

Invincibles 04

  1. We won the league at Shite Hart Lane, but what was the date?
  2. Jose Antonio Reyes signed from whom in January 2004?
  3. Who was Arsenal’s top goal scorer during the season?
  4. And how many league goals did he score?
  5. Who was the only player to play in all 38 league games?
  6. Which 3 Arsenal players were banned following the ‘rumble’ at Old Trafford on 21st September 2003? (1 point for each)
  7. Who was handed his full debut vs. Birmingham City on 22nd November 2003?
  8. By how many points did we beat Chelsea by at the end of the season?Invincibles.jpg
  9. On 23rd October 2003, Cesc Fabregas trotted out for Arsenal vs. Rotherham United in the League Cup, how old was he?
  10. Which ex-Gooner scored the opening goal for Leicester City in the final game of the season?
  11. Which team did Henry score four goals against on 16th April 2004?
  12. Arsenal lost to three Premier league side in the other three competitions, which teams were these? (1 point for each)
  13. Who was quoted as saying: “I did not dive and I am not a cheat. That is not the way I play.”?
  14. Which players scored the first and last goals of the season for Arsenal? (1 point for each)
  15. Who was sent off against Everton in the first game of the season?

TheSundayMorningGooner: If you are traveling past Old Trafford over the Xmas period, please drive carefully, they are giving three points to anyone these days.

Have a Cool Yule 😉

Steve Wellman


  1. 25th April 2004
  2. Sevilla
  3. Thierry Henry
  4. 30
  5. Jens Lehmann
  6. Lauren, Vieira and Parlour
  7. Gael Clichy
  8. 11
  9. 16 years and 177 days
  10. Paul Dickov
  11. Leeds United
  12. Manchester United  (FA Cup), Middlesborough (League Cup), Chelski (Champions League)
  13. Robert Pires
  14. Thierry Henry (vs Everton), Patrick Vieira (Vs Leicester)
  15. Sol Campbell

3 Responses to Are you a real Gooner? Take the Arsenal Citizenship Test; Xmas Invincibles Special

  1. Dan Phillips December 17, 2013 at 8:08 pm #

    The answer to your first question is May 3rd 1971. This is a more significant date, as it was the first part of Arsenal’s double. If this test only refers to “The Premier League” then it’s of no significance, we have more than 100 years of history before the emergence of the EPL

  2. Dan Phillips December 17, 2013 at 8:09 pm #

    * This is a more significant date, as it was the first part of Arsenal’s “first” double

  3. Wellmington December 18, 2013 at 9:03 am #

    Thanks For the comment Dan, this quiz was on the invincibles season only, I’ve been writing them monthly covering various eras of a The Arsenal

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