Arsenal’s next ‘Star Man’ has shown that he is a Gooner at heart

Yaya Sanogo 07

Yes, Yaya; I like that guy. The lanky guy who is one of those tall lads in the present Arsenal team. French, free transfer, lanky, in his early 20s, U-20 star, raw with loads of talent. I should have had a punt on Arsene Wenger buying him in the summer.

When it comes to Arsenal fans, there is a template on how to react to any transfer. Wenger buys a player worth £10m, we moan. Get a player worth £42.5m, we wait for some time and then moan. So it wasn’t a big surprise to me that there was a furore when Wenger signed a player from absolute obscurity for £0.

I was excited generally, because I am normally  excited to see any  new player coming to our team. I got to admit that I was quite disappointed that we didn’t end up with a Luis Suarez or a Gonzalo Higuain. We were quite understandingly nervous about our season until of course the coup of that German guy with those wonderful eyes and umlauts in his name. So in the end, I wasn’t expecting much really from Yaya Sanago.

We had to wait till mid-February to really see what kind of player he was. Dean on Twitter said that he was handful in training, and could develop like Emmanuel Adebayor. Trust me Adebayor was world class when he was with Arsenal. So that comment from such a reliable really soothed me. I was visibly nervous for the whole day of that FA Cup tie with the scousers, and Arsene picking a raw Sanago for such a pivotal clash just made my stomach make some more astonishing growls.

Podolski Sanogo

When the match started, I was quite confused. I asked myself was it that the Liverpool duo of Daniel Agger and Martin Skrtel were so bad or Yaya was good?

But a resounding ” No” was a more convincing answer to me after seeing him play for almost the entirety of the match. I was jumping up and down whenever he was around the ball. He was harassing the defenders, making those beautiful flicks, making nice movements and above all he was enthusiastic.

He was like a fan playing for his favorite team in the biggest game of his career. He was like you or me going out there, reveling in the atmosphere, playing with passion, with that pride of a fan playing than a normal footballer.

I saw me in him when he aroused the crowd to raise their voice. I was happier than him when he won those aerial duels with the defenders. Very few players have caused me that excitement in my time as a sports fan.

He played against Bayern Munich like a lion too. He took the chance he got with both hands and rattled Dante and Jerome Boateng for the majority of the evening.

Yaya Sanogo 06

Now I know you must be wondering how can I just lavish praise on a player who has played just two games. Well, I don’t care, even if he doesn’t play as good as he seems to suggest.  Or maybe he may never reach his potential or become injury ravaged. I will never care, I will always remember how he played like an Arsenal fan ,would play for his team. I will always remember how he asked the crowd to raise their voice .

I hope he plays as awesome as possible. I hope he has a good future in Arsenal. I hope he inspires youngsters like me to always work as hard as possible and that realise that sky is the limit.

I hope. Always.

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