Manchester United legend slags off Arsenal but the facts come back to bite him

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So, it seems that anyone can get a job on Sky Sports these days and the latest ex-pro not good enough to try his arm at being a pundit is, England deserter and Ginger Henchman, Paul Scholes.

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In an attempt to ingratiate himself with the masses, he has jumped on the populist bandwagon and dug the knife into The Arsenal and Arsene Wenger.

(Footnote: I have heard that the participation in ‘Arsene baiting’ is growing so quickly that the IOC are lobbying for it to be added to the next summer Olympics)

Scholes’ rant went as such:

• “In my eyes, Arsenal are a million miles away from winning the title,”

“The Artetas, the Cazorlas, Rosickys, and Ozil as well, although I know he’s not played for a bit, it seems like they go on the pitch with no discipline. It’s almost as if they say: ‘You four, five midfielders, go out there do what you want. Try and score a goal, a few little nice one-twos, a bit of tippy-tappy football. Don’t bother running back’.”

” Jack Wilshere, he came on the scene and what a top player he looked, but he’s never really gone on. His development, he doesn’t look any better now than he did at 17.”

Well, JOG ON, Fergie’s Lapdog.

Yes we’ve been poor in three big games this year and yes we are very unlikely to win the title, but, stones, glass houses and all that.

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Maybe you should look a bit closer to home before you start spouting the The Adrian Durham view of life and slagging off The Arsenal.

1. ManUre are 17 points behind Liverpool, The Arsenal are seven. If we are a million miles away, ManUre are lightyears away.

2. ManUre have spent (net) £66.7 million this season, The Arsenal spent £32.5 m, well worth -10 points, I think.

3. ManUre’s dynamic and inspiring midfield of Michael Carrick, Darren Fletcher, Ashley Young  and Marouane Fellaini, wouldn’t even make it onto the bench at The Emirates.

4. Wilshere hasn’t progressed? Injuries aside, he’s ten times the player of United’s great white hope Tom Cleverley ever will be!

Arsene and The Arsenal have had their ups and downs this season, but at least we are looking at our 17th successive season in The Champions League, whereas ManUre are looking at mid table obscurity (hopefully a Liverpool-esque stay there) and Thursday nights at home in front of the fire with a warm coco!

So before you start feathering your Sky Sports nest by joining the party line and slag of The Arsenal, check out your own. Manure are in disarray, the big names want out and the fans are flying planes overhead calling for David Moyes’ head on a stick.

David Moyes plane

TheSundayMorningGooner: I don’t know what the translation of a mile into a point is either!

Steve Wellman

5 Responses to Manchester United legend slags off Arsenal but the facts come back to bite him

  1. Matty H April 1, 2014 at 3:44 pm #

    Typical arsenal fan, thick as f**k! He was asked about arsenal, and he said the brutal truth, it’s only you arsenal fans that’s seen your backsides about what he said, I don’t see any neutral fans saying he’s wrong! He and every other united fan (including myself) all know how bad United have been of late, it’s been well documented enough by the the types of people like you, don’t see us biting, we just get on with it, and go again!

  2. immaculate April 1, 2014 at 4:57 pm #

    Matty H

    Please be objective for goodness sake. If Man.U have Rooney , RVP, VIdic, Jones, Mata out for 3 months the team will be fighting relegation battle
    If Suarez, Sturridge, Gerrard, Sktel, Coutiho out for 3months they will be fighting for Europa place
    If Hazard, Terry, Ramires, Willian, Eto is out for 3months they will struggle same thing Man.City
    Arsenal have Ramsey(their best player out for near 4months now), Walcott(Since 4th January), Wilshere, Ozil, Diaby(one year), Koseniy
    They are only 7point drift of top place and they have are the team that have stayed in top spot most this season.

    Paul Scholes is talking sh*t …………..What did he achieve at International level?…NOTHING
    Same for all the so called World class English player

    He should take over United and fix their sh*t first

    • Matty H April 2, 2014 at 7:27 am #

      I stopped reading when you mentioned united and regulation battle…. Really?? C’mon get a grip of your self! And what has any English player ever achieved at international level!? Arsenal do it every year, they just crumble. End of!

      • immaculate April 2, 2014 at 11:37 am #

        Yeah they will be fighting relegation if RVP and Rooney is out for 3-4months. Most of their goals comes from the duo. This current season they are Europa place.
        I am only making the point that Arsenal is struggling now cos of their injuries worries. In the top 4 teams no one have injury problem to key players like Arsenal.

        Paul Scholes knows next to nothing about football management he may have achieve alot as a player but managing a team is a different kettle of fish

  3. Linda Mc neillly April 1, 2014 at 6:25 pm #

    What’s wrong you were good at giving it out for years now your team is going AWOL you can’t take it when you get it back. Scholes was wrong simple as that and time will tell just how wrong he is. Don t give it out if you can’t take it and The ARSENAL will finish above utd. That must mean we are a trillion light years away from you and the further the better.

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