Arsene Wenger played FOOTBALL MANAGER as Arsenal, the results are priceless

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Your upgrade from Premier League manager 4.0 could not be completed, do you wish to restart the download Y/N.

The Arsenal mainframe met the minimum system requirements of Premier League Manager by securing fourth and Champions League football for 2014/2015. But, again, this wasn’t enough to enable an upgrade from Version 4.0 and we will again start next season looking to update the software. 

In August, we outlaid £42 million on new hardware and at Christmas it looked like this may be enough to allow the upgrade to be fully installed.

Mesut Ozil 19 Unfortunately the final system install wasn’t completed by the it’s due date, 31st January 2014 and come March, due to missing key components, a full system crash occurred and a full rebuild was required to restore the operating system back to its base settings of 4.0, by May 2014. So come July, after the summer downtime, a reboot is required and some new software and backup capabilities need to be added to the network.

1: The management system requires a refresh to enable the current hardware to adapt to the varying degrees of malware attacks from different levels of threat. At present the system seems a susceptible to high level attacks.

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2: One of the key components of the defence systems looks likely to be uninstalled and will require replacement, as its backup software is still being beta tested.

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3: The central processing unit, although the creative vortex has many interchangeable facets, the security package is slowly becoming outdated and is in need of updating to a newer, faster model.

Arteta Hull tooth

4: The main attacking protocols have improved over the past seasons, however, following further investigation into the backup drivers, it was noted that should the primary system fail, inadequate fallback processes are in place and additional applications are required to bring this area up to the required minimum standard.

Yaya Sanogo 06

Following a thorough review of the system, as with previous seasons, the primary objectives were completed, however, to finalise the upgrade from Premier Manager 4.0, further investment is required.

TheSundayMorningGooner: looking forward to first my FA Cup Final, Sydney styli.

Steve Wellman

2 Responses to Arsene Wenger played FOOTBALL MANAGER as Arsenal, the results are priceless

  1. joe May 13, 2014 at 6:47 pm #

    yawn. that was really boring.

  2. Neal May 13, 2014 at 7:26 pm #

    Priceless? Yep. No one would pay for that.

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