What defines an Arsenal Legend & what defines an Arsenal Traitor?

L for Loser or L for Legend?

L for Loser or L for Legend?


Ah, it was good while it lasted. The victory, followed by the harmony. Ah, that peaceful harmony. Naturally as the season’s door shuts hard, then as night follows day, the transfer window swiftly swings open, and with it, the seeds for argument. Well, those seeds were planted quicker than ever this year with endless newspapers and websites bringing up the possibility of ‘Cesc Fabregas ‘returning to Arsenal, with the £35m buy back clause. Divisive is an understatement. This wonderful little footballer can split a fan base in seconds.

Bring back the harmony.



Of course, this wasn’t the first division of the week. No! That honour went to Bacary Sagna of course. With the news that he’d completed a medical and agreed a wage of  £120k, no £140k, no, I mean £150k, actually £270k pw + three Polynesian islands and a kangaroo, with Man City. Well, still at this moment he is under offer from Arsenal, hasn’t actually left yet (though I know he will) and his Twitter bio still has Arsenal and France player on it. The arguments flowed. “He’s a money grabbing wanker.” “no, he gave us his best years, could have left when the rest did, but decided to stay, and now he’s left on a high, and is thinking of his future.”, “fucking turncoat bastard, no better than RVP.”, “Good luck to him, and thank you Bac.”, to name but a few.

On both, I can’t decide exactly.

Cesc, I think I’d have back in a heartbeat.

– “Fuck him, he pissed off, it didn’t work out, now he’s crawling back.”

To that I’d say, he wanted to go back to his boy hood / home club, and a pretty decent club at that. He’d given us so much, 8 years, unfortunately coinciding with the time when our players were leaving, and our cost cutting era to pay for The Ems. He stayed a year or two longer than he truly wanted to, if he and we are honest, but in that time his performance levels never dropped. Also that delay, ironically probably led him to miss out on a champions league medal, what he craved, as by the time he joined, the team was on the downturn. He has played and scored with broken/well damaged legs for us, against his boyhood/home club and gave his all against them on more than one occasion.

– “Fabregas?  Fuck that, it’s not the area we need strengthening.”

Traitor or Legend?

Traitor or Legend?

To that I’d say, you’ve spent the last god knows how long, moaning that our fully fit 1st team is good, but our squad in total isn’t. Now, you have an opportunity to obtain one of the world’s best midfielders, a through ball wizard, for a snip, in comparison to some of the ridiculous transfers taking place at the moment. Yes, other areas need strengthening, but we would still have enough cash to deal with that. It would mean we could chop and change our midfield, to suit the opposition, and keeping everyone fresh, and at the business end of The Champions League for example, could end up with a team on the pitch with Ozil, Ramsey, Fabregas and Walcott on the pitch, that for me is mouth-watering.

And he’s scored against The Spuds; I thought that made you an instant legend? (Even Bendtner).

Sagna is a toughie. I think the main thing that’s pissing people off is the fact that he may go to City, a premier league rival. I’ve a funny feeling had he decided to go to PSG or Monaco, and then people would have been waved away with a big thank you and a packed lunch for his journey. Then there’s the fact that he’s such a good player, still, at his age, and how helpful his versatility could be to us, this coming year. But he’s given us his best years, he will be starting to slow down, and obviously he’s thinking about retirement, so who’s to say his effort levels would stay the same if he stayed. His joy in the cup semi win, and again in the final was in no way put on, he cares, it’s plain to see, and maybe he knows he won’t be improving, so he’s stepping aside to insure he doesn’t halt our team’s progress. (And to earn a nicer retirement.) There’s another thing, let’s not forget in 2008, a week before the Champions League game with AC Milan, his brother Omar died at the age of 28, but Sagna refused the compassionate leave and played away in Milan, helping us to a clean sheet, and a 2-0 win. That’s legendary.

And he’s scored against The Spuds; I thought that made you a legend?

Bac v Spurs or Arsenal Spurned?

Bac v Spurs or Arsenal Spurned?

You see, this is where I get confused. If you want to see how many appearances or goals scored someone has made, you can check a book or a website. If you want to check up on a certain rule, you can consult a book or a website. But if I have to decide who a legend is, or if I want to re-sign a player, then how do I know if I’m right. How to I decide, when all the fans don’t seem to agree either. Is there a book written, or a man we can check with? “Bully”?? Just kidding. Who decides?

Cesc = no way, yet a few years ago most would have taken Henry back in a heartbeat. The only difference between the two, being that Barcelona is Cesc’s home club; Henry had no ties to it. Yet, Henry welcomed back but Cesc not.

Turned his back yet welcomed back?

Turned his back yet welcomed back?

Sagna they say is as bad as RvP, yet I haven’t seen a letter or statement from Sagna patronising the club or have I missed something?  Actually, only on Monday he released a statement saying he hasn’t decided anything but that he just wants to try something different, a new challenge. “The media have me at City, and it’s not true”, maybe we’re jumping the gun. A new challenge as he gets older, after giving so much to the cause. Can you blame him? Can you be angered by that?

Then there’s Pires, a very similar situation, was looking for more years on his contract than he was offered, he didn’t get it, he left, but not a bad word have I ever heard about him? And I’m not saying there should be. I’m just trying to show the similarity, and question why it is any different for Sagna.

RP7 always a Legend yet left?

RP7 always a Legend yet left?

So you see my confusion, who decides, who holds the rule book.

I’m always been  left scratching my head, when people talk of ‘legends’ of the club, yet David O’ Leary never or very, very rarely gets a mention, even after 18 years and 722 appearances. Strange huh?  If I could find the rule book I could find out.

A legend forgotten?

A legend forgotten?

So you see until it’s put to print the exact requirements for being a legend then these divisions will always stand. If the last week has proved one thing, it is, how much better and easier life is, when we’re all towing together in the same direction, without argument, so for this reason I beg the fan groups, the club, “Bully”, anybody to tell us exactly what a legend is, so at least we can stop one area of the arguments that rule over our fans. Speaking of “Bully”, another man splitting the camp, most I see are laughing at him, and almost angered that he’s being held up as our mascot, then there’s thousands of people who have started following on Twitter within the matter of about 2 hours… Fair enough SKY  cameras went over to the old man in the crowd , showing his face during the classic Newcastle v Liverpool 4-3 games, for a year or two, but that was it, not every week, every game. The old man didn’t appear on Twitter or whatever was available then, directing the club on what to do, who to sign, being held up as a spokesman. It’s a tad embarrassing actually, it’s like we’ve got a tinkers sock being put forward as our fan spokesman. So, I tell you one thing for nothing, if I start to see his opinions and ideas retweeted or printed as fact, similar to that retarded turnip Morgan, I will head over to The Emirates Cup and I promise you I’ll make Idi Amin look like Louis fucking Spence, I’ll scatter so many bodies it’ll look like the floor of John Terry’s apartment after their Christmas Party.

So there lies your mission – Print the rules of Legend status, Traitor status and Cunty status, and DO NOT allow the “Bully” name to reappear again and again and again on T/L’s, for the love of everything good.

‘Til the future,

You’re all legends,


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2 Responses to What defines an Arsenal Legend & what defines an Arsenal Traitor?

  1. walterbroeckx May 28, 2014 at 7:04 am #

    In today’s world being loyal is just for the supporters. Only exceptions stay at their club for their whole career.
    Players go where the money is. Would we do the same in our job? We would. And if we love our wife and children we should.
    Players leaving at the end of their contract is nothing that makes me angry. Just sad when you love said player. But a contract is a contract. When it ends the player can go and do what he likes. So I see no reason to call Bacary a traitor.

    When player force their way out then things get more difficult. But then again. I have done the same. I had worked for 22 years at my former job. And then I decided that it was time to change. So I did. Am I a traitor for that? No, I did it for my own well being and for my family. I even didn’t do it for more money.

    Now if one of the players that has left us wants to come back and comes back then I will always welcome them with open arms. Why? Because from the moment that a players signs for Arsenal he is mine. I never boo an Arsenal player. I will support whoever is playing in the Arsenal shirt. So if Cesc comes back I will be happy and I will have no hesitation to support him as I did before.

    We shouldn’t expect loyalty from professional football players. It’s nice when they show it but don’t bet on it.

    We should also remember that most football players are young. And when I was young I remember having made mistakes. And if most of you are honest you have too. So who am I to judge a young man to make mistakes by wanting to leave Arsenal. If he wants to come back I will welcome hims with open arms.
    Certainly when they know how to play the good game.

  2. Marvin August 22, 2014 at 8:21 pm #

    Good day! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if
    that would be ok. I’m definitely enjoying your blog and look forward to new posts.

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