IS THIS A LIBRARY? Arsenal fans NEED to make more noise at the Emirates

A small move in distance but a huge move in potential

A small move in distance but a huge move in potential

Highbury and Emirates Stadium (Ashburton Grove), two stadiums one team, Arsenal FC.

Highbury was always a special place, it was just class inside and out, and everyone enjoyed visiting the stadium because of its history, tradition and beautiful design.

The Emirates Stadium is another one of Arsenal’s recent masterstrokes. It was built with Highbury in mind and the club made sure it would feel just like they’ve never left their first home in North London.

To get to the main point no doubt our home grounds have been class all round. Highbury’s atmosphere was electrifying at times, while at other times wasn’t really that noisy. One question though, why do all away teams, including some home fans call our new home, the Emirates Stadium a library?

Arsenal’s football is known to be built on attacking flair and excitement, one of the most exciting teams in the world, so why don’t our fans step it up a notch and become one of those famous grounds in Europe where away teams just want to finish the game and leave.

I remember when Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund and Olympiacos came to play us at the Emirates, they wouldn’t stop singing the whole match it almost felt like we were the away team.

The game we all love is nothing without the fans, the players aren’t motivated without our fans support and having the stadium rocking would only make the opponents more nervous.

What most of us would love to see is Arsenal have a more aggressive, strong atmosphere at the Emirates, an atmosphere that would only make our players stronger and strengthen their belief that they can beat anyone.

We no longer have the excuse that it’s a new stadium and we haven’t won anything while playing in it. The stadium is now eight years old and we’ve finally collected the FA Cup and the FA Community Shield with more to come.

Therefore I urge fans who go to the Emirates Stadium on a regular basis to support the team through the whole 90 minutes of the match, even when we aren’t playing the Arsenal way and even when were losing.

I know Arsenal fans are well-educated football wise and that is why our club’s direction is only upwards.

We will all support Arsenal Football Club, on the field or in front of the TV screens.

Up the Arsenal!

Daniel Baz

2 Responses to IS THIS A LIBRARY? Arsenal fans NEED to make more noise at the Emirates

  1. Hamza September 26, 2014 at 3:28 pm #

    The reason why the Emirates stadium has been turned into a library is because the common man, people who bring out passion unequivocally, can no longer afford to watch matches in the stadium. Lower prices, bring the common man in and see how noisy the Emirates will become.

  2. Goonersaur September 26, 2014 at 4:24 pm #

    Well said. Fans should really step it up and make the Emirates a fortress. MAKE SOME F****** NOISE!!

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