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Stan. Ivan and Chips

Nobody on the Arsenal Board has made a Footballing Decision without Wenger – Can we Trust them to do it now?

Chelsea 3-1, Bayern Munich 5-1. As an Arsenal fan, I hate February! How crazy is it to be an Arsenal fan, especially after 2006? You get stick from everyone around you, some people who don’t even know Arsene Wenger come up and tell you “Wenger out” because of some idiot like Adrian Durham. To be […]

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Greatest team

Arsenal’s Greatest Strength is its International and Global appeal

Date: Sunday October 4th, 2015 Location: Emirates Stadium Event: Arsenal vs. Manchester United “And it’s Arsenal, Arsenal FC, we are by far the greatest team the world has ever seen!” The Emirates stadium was rocking, people excited to see their beloved team. Kids, women, men, people from different religions and from different backgrounds all gathered […]

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Arsenal's British core is developing a taste for silver...

Arsenal’s English core: the ultimate gift to Wenger’s successor?

England is the home of football. England is the home of the oldest cup competition in the world, the FA Cup. It is also home to one of the strongest leagues in the world, the Barclays Premier League. But why are the English players underperforming? Raheem Sterling, Ross Barkley, Jack Wilshere, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Theo Walcott, […]

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Why do the English Media despise Arsenal as much as they do whilst admiring others who are genuinely failing?

Everyone has the right to give their opinions, they are allowed to talk about it, to write about it and to share their thoughts to people in any way, be it a respectful way. Football in England is still, no doubt one of the best to watch in the world. The rivalry, the tenacity, the […]

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Time for Wenger to toughen up.

Time for Wenger to finally be firm with his players – Drop Szczeny and play Opsina Surely it is time for Arsene Wenger became firm with his players? In today’s football world, with access to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram along with teenage players already having wages of thousands and thousands of pounds, it isn’t always […]

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Wenger has received a lot of stick following recent results

Arsenal may be in a bad spell, but Arsene Wenger remains the right man for the club for the foreseeable future

You want Arsene Wenger out? You are sick of seeing The Arsenal get beat by most top four teams almost every season? You want change at Arsenal so that we can come back and win trophies regularly again? Take a look at this… Arsene Wenger is a man for the past, a man for the […]

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Chambers was brought in the summer for the future, now he is being forced into the present

Bad news for Arsenal, as Liverpool and Manchester United cast their eye to Arsene Wenger’s defensive targets

The art of defending, where has it all gone? The marvelous defensive players of the past were once the backbone of their teams, bringing protection and stability throughout. But what has gone wrong since then? Football is leaning towards an attacking style of play, relying on strong midfielders, pacey wingers and lethal strikers. What about […]

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The Media Needs To Back Off Arsenal’s Dennis Bergkamp v2.0

Mesut Özil. What have you done to the media? One of the best players in world football only two years ago now called a total flop in the Premier League and Arsenal. One day you are called the best, the next you’re a total failure. Oh my what a generation. When Arsene Wenger signed Özil from Real […]

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A small move in distance but a huge move in potential

IS THIS A LIBRARY? Arsenal fans NEED to make more noise at the Emirates

Highbury and Emirates Stadium (Ashburton Grove), two stadiums one team, Arsenal FC. Highbury was always a special place, it was just class inside and out, and everyone enjoyed visiting the stadium because of its history, tradition and beautiful design. The Emirates Stadium is another one of Arsenal’s recent masterstrokes. It was built with Highbury in […]

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Team Photo

Arsene Wenger has finally FOUND the last quality needed for Arsenal to supersede the Invincibles

And here we go again! It’s the 2014/2015 season and the team photo is out. If I were to compare, I think it is our second best team in the Arsene Wenger era, the first being the invincibles. If someone showed me that picture two years ago and told me Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez […]

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