The Most Loyal and best Supporters in the great Arsenal v United Rivalry


In anticipation of the Arsenal – Manchester United game on November 22nd, ticket sales web portal has announced analysis into the buying tendencies and interests of each fan base with Arsenal fans 1% more likely to purchase tickets for Gunners vs Red Devils matches making them slightly more loyal.

Premier League matches make up the highest proportion of the sales figures for both sides with Man United (72.64%) having a slight preference for the league than Arsenal (69.12%). Man United fans are also more likely to purchase tickets for Champions League matches with 19.26% of sales compared to Arsenal’s 16.50%. However, Arsenal fans prefer FA Cup fixtures which makes up 7.22% of their sales versus a meagre 1.91% of Man United sales.

When it comes to domestic travelling the Man United fans lead in sales for away matches which make up 22.02% of their sales versus 19.74% of sales for Arsenal, meaning Man United fans are 2.28% more willing to travel the distance to attend away matches. The team which sells more tickets to matches abroad is also Man United which leads slightly by a 1.1% margin in international sales.

Only the best and most loyal fans would be willing to pay what many would deem an outrageous amount of money to see their side play. The most expensive ticket sold via Ticketbis was bought by a Man United fan for £918 to support their team against local rivals Man City. However, when it comes to the Man United vs. Arsenal rivalry, the most costly ticket was sold to an Arsenal fan for £560.

Arsenal and Man United fans may come from different walks of life and the country, but how do they actually differ in their interests outside of football? According to Ticketbis, Arsenal followers are more likely to list photography as an interest while United fans prefer music.
Furthermore, Red Devils love their humour while Gunners take a greater interest in travel and video games.


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