The skys the limit with Alexis Cazorzil

When you’ve got Alexis Carzozil, anything is achievable?

Özil, Cazorla, Sanchez

With injuries & alike abound, have The Arsenal stumbled upon the money shot.

I, like many, assumed that with the signing of Alexis & Ozil, the wall was adorned with the scribbles of Cazorla’s demise. And to be fair, after last season many would have agreed with that synopsis. However, Santi seems to have accepted the challenge & found his way back to his form of a couple of seasons ago, pulling the strings from anywhere in the final third.

Alexis, well Alexis is just the mutts. Watching on TV you don’t appreciate his work rate. Sat in my seat on Boxing Day (yeah), four rows back. You suddenly get to see the amount of work Alexis puts in, and you can understand why Poldi just didn’t cut it on the left, in comparison. And, apparently he can create or score out of nothing.

Mesut has his detractors, but I believe he’s getting the hang of the Premier League lark. His visionary passing and ability to tie a player in knots is never in doubt and at his best, he is one of the top 10 players in the world.

These three are possibly, 3 of the top 5 ‘number tens’ in the world & they are finally getting to play together & understand the interchangeability between the ‘three advanced midfield’ roles. The first goal against ‘Boro, showed this at its philosophy at its best.

The two Goals against Boro.

And with someone like Oliver ‘The Worlds Sexiest Footballer’ Giroud, either holding up the ball or latching onto the inch-perfect through ball. We have a front 4 to scare the living crap out of anyone and deliver us from evil. Well, at least a cup this season.

And, if Wenger keeps his new summer transfer policy going, of a ‘Worldy’ each season, a serious tilt at next year’s title.

With Theo, Ox, Well be & Rocky as cover, it’s not looking too bad, for when the inevitable injuries strike.

Then chuck into the mix, find of the season, Le Coq, in central midfield, to do Flamini’s job, only to more movement & less pointing and Mikel’s job. With more steel & we may have saved ourselves about £25 million.

Arsene & the back room boys just need to get Rambo or Jack, back to fitness, away from the Marlboro Man & back in form. To provide the link from Le Coq to Alexis Carzozil and the sky’s the limit.

So here’s to Alexis Carzozil & to fitness, finesse & (keeping off the) fags.

One Response to The skys the limit with Alexis Cazorzil

  1. claes February 18, 2015 at 5:33 am #

    Still adamant about scooping schneiderlin. Him and coquelin and we’ll be good to go for that Def mid role

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