Invincibles Doc Premiere Exclusive

Preview Screening of 'Invincibles'

Last night saw the premiere of the much anticipated ‘Invincibles Doc’ the inside story of Arsenal’s historic unbeaten league season in 2003/2004.

The documentary, which has taken over two years to put together, includes contributions from Arsene Wenger, Thierry Henry, Jens Lehmann and Sol Campbell and other key squad members.


A kiss from a Sol

A kiss from a Sol


Mad Jens ever present

Mad Jens ever present

In the film we see some important squad members give their views on that season including how Arsene Wenger had predicted this unbeaten season a year before it actually happened; although this prophecy worked to undermine the Gunners league campaign in 2002/2003, where they ended runners up to Manchester United.

Thierry Henry recalls hearing Wenger make this prediction: “When he (Wenger) said it, we all thought is he okay? Why would you say that and expose us like that?”

Soon after Arsenal lost their way but it wasn’t long before Wenger’s dream became reality. Although the season ended gloriously with a defeat there were still highs and lows to overcome, moments that you thought the unbeaten run might come to an end.

After being dumped out of the FA Cup and Champions League in a week, Arsenal were 2-1 down at home to Liverpool staring down a first league defeat and a potential hammer blow to their title chances.

This was one of the biggest moments of the season and up stepped Thierry Henry to drag his team into the lead and the rest was history.

A short Intro film:



Among the crowd attending the screening were celebrity fans including comedians Alan Davies and Matt Lucas.

Davies said: ‘I got goosebumps, just the sight of Highbury packed out, bringing back some great memories. There were some really nice interviews too, including some funny stuff from Jens Lehmann!’

Somehow when watching clips of this team we all forget just how good they were and as the years pass the more incredible it becomes.


So many Legends gathered to celebrate the film

So many Legends gathered to celebrate the film

Matt Lucas touched on this: ‘One of the things Arsene Wenger says to the players is that you don’t really know what you’ve achieved now, it’ll sink-in in years to come’

‘I think you could say the same to the fans really because just sitting there watching it you realise what an amazing achievement it was and I don’t think anyone will do it again.’

Along with the Invincibles book written by Amy Lawrence this will give fans a great chance to relive this special team including all those incredible moments that we were all so fortunate to witness.

You won’t have to wait long to see the documentary in full, it will be shown straight after the Champions League match with Monaco on Wednesday, as well as being released on iTunes and DVD in late March.

US fans will also have a chance to see the film with it being shown on NBC as part of their football coverage after Arsenal v Everton on Sunday 1st March.

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