17 in 25 for Giroud, 19 in 35 for Costa – For Arsenal this week it’s all about Olly and Le Coq as the Bromance Blossoms

The Olly-Coq Bromance blossoms

The Olly-Coq Bromance blossoms

TBIF – The Weekly Gunners Town Crew Review

Friday The 27th March, 2015

Welcome to Thank Bergkamp It’s Friday – where members of the Gunners Town writing team gather to take a look at the Arsenal week that’s just passed. It’s a simple format, really – each week, a smattering of our eclectic scribes will select a HERO, a VILLAIN, a HIGHLIGHT, and a LOWLIGHT from the previous seven days.

Lastly they will share what is in their ‘HEADLIGHTs‘, which could be a player to watch, a worry for a forthcoming match, a potential banana-skin to look out for…. 

We’d love to know what you think: do you agree/disagree? Did we miss something? If you would like to participate, please add your selections in the Comments below…

-~• HERO •~-

A shout out to a person/organization that you feel has done something praiseworthy in the past week.

Andrea:  Again, Olivier Giroud is my hero of the week after the brace netted against Newcastle; the Frenchman is hitting the best football of his career, I trust Arsène Wenger when he says there’s more to come from the striker. Can’t wait to see that…

Paul:  Giroud: he’s bounced back so well since the Monaco blip. His goals have kept us in the race. His attitude and work rate have been fantastic.

Matt: Mesut Ozil. Why? Because he went to a nightclub while ill. We’ve all done it, and hats off to him for manning up and going out on the lash like any guy in his mid-20s should.

Wellmington: Le Coq for Le Kiss; keeping it simple, stupid. The player who would left last term if Freiburg had stumped up the cash, could well turn out to be our best ‘signing’ of the season. – “Who let Le Coq out, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo”

Alex: Mesut Ozil – he is winning back the critics and (more importantly) Arsenal fans. Captained Germany, his sublime genuis was noted in The Telegraph

King Henry: Giroud: Okay this is getting a bit boring now, with OG’s name re-occurring too often in this section. Such has been the form and brilliance  of the Frenchman. Long may this continue.

Dave: Sorry but hard to look beyond Olly to be honest. 17 goals in 25 appearances only 18 of which is started, is a world class return and finally our fans are getting it, Costa has 19 in 35 in case you’re  interested.

HERO – Was there any doubt this week?

HERO of the Week: Hero With Most Votes


-~• VILLAIN •~-

A shout-down to a person/organization that you feel has done something shameworthy in the past week.

Andrea: The press publishing stories about Kovacic, Reus, Smalling, Bellarabi, Luiz Adriano, Dybala, Calhanoglu – it seems Silly Season has already started. With so much to play for, we’re still being fed this nonsense on daily basis. 

Paul: Ramsey – for going out of his way to deny Giroud his hat-trick against Chateau Neuf.

Matt: Gabriel. Because it’s late March and he is wearing gloves. Take a lesson from Mesut and man up.

Wellmington: The bloody Interlull !!!!

Alex: The FA. What are they thinking with their proposals for homegrown players?!

King Henry: Ramsey: The Welshman seemed to be getting his grove back recently but his display at Tyneside was far from convincing. His decision making left much to be desired. He’s forgotten the simple things.

Dave: I am not actually that bothered by it and see it as assisting the team spirit, in the trenches attitude but the media attention on Ozil is too personal and vindictive


VILLAIN of the Week: Villain With Most Votes



The most memorable or poignant moment of the past week. Typically an event, rather than a person/organization.

Andrea: The news that Mathieu Débuchy, Mikel Arteta, Jack Wilshere and Alex-Oxlade Chamberlain have all recovered from their injuries is great: the perfect platform to launch the very final sprint.

Paul: Grinding out another fugly win. I think that’s something like 48 wins in a row now. I may be wrong. I’m not much of a statistician.

Matt: The final whistle at Newcastle. Relief personified. Why do we always do this to ourselves?

Wellmington: Le Boss, slowly proving the doubters wrong

Alex: Staying in the fight for second with a gritty performance against Newcastle. And Bendtner’s hat-trick!

King Henry: Holding on for yet another difficult 2-1 away victory and a 6th straight EPL win. How things could’ve changed in the UCL If only we showed this character against Anderlecht last October.

Dave: Realisation that after years of perfecting Arsenal, and particularly Santi can take corners. Quite a useful asset when Giroud in the mood.

A Gritty 2nd half display v Newcastle but Gabriel get the gloves off mate!

HIGHLIGHT of the Week: Highlight with Most Votes


-~• LOWLIGHT •~-

The most forgettable or disappointing moment of the past week. Typically an event, rather than a person/organization.

Andrea: Interlull, no doubts. The fear, anxiety, pessimism and fatalism I’m experiencing when our players are on international duties is unbearable.

Paul: Why are Gooners so obsessed with finding conspiratorial distractions with which to wind themselves (and others) up? Who cares if Özil was in a nightclub? He’s Muslim, so he wasn’t drinking… Perhaps his injury wasn’t severe enough to warrant life-support?

Matt: Shitting a brick for the entire second half at St James’ Park.

Wellington: No more midweek football – not listening to champions league football on to the ferry to work; very sad ;(

and another season I can’t cash in my round the world hall pass to the Champions League Final ;(

Alex: That teacher stunt by Henry

King Henry: Coquelin losing his man for Sissoko’s strike. Showed the French man’s concentration level is still short of being remarkably consistent and WILL cost us dearly when he switches off.

Dave: Ludicrous selection by England of Arsenal players who aren’t not regulars for us!

Oh dear Thierry!!

LOWLIGHT of the Week: Lowlight with Most Votes



A prediction or warning for the week ahead. Perhaps a banana skin that we need to look out for; the return of a player; something you are looking forward to…

Andrea: Can’t wait for this week to go and let us duly prepare for what could be a great game at the Emirates Stadium: a desperate Liverpool team arrives in London and we have the opportunity to break their Champions League dreams while keeping ours alive. Fun times!

Paul: Liverpool at home. That’s going to be juicy. I was at the Emirates for our 2-0 home win against them a couple of seasons ago. Back when we were top of the league…

Matt: Watch the WOB latch on to the hashtag #WengerOut after seeing former Gunner Lord Nicklas Bendtnerhit a hat-trick for Denmark. “Why did Arsene let him go?!”

Wellmington:  Easter; 4 days off work & looking forward to stuffing the Scousers in the FA Cup final warm up, in the Star Casino in the presence of 2 of my best mates who are both Scousers 😉 oh yeah and some decent surf !!!

Alex: Watch Sterling, Lallana and Sturridge miraculous returning to life to face us on Saturday. At least Skrtel is suspended

King Henry: The end of the interlull and the continuation of the silently brewing Coq-Oli bromance. 

Dave: Arsenal squad competition: Having enjoyed thee unexpected battle for the left back slot I am keenly anticipating the Bellerin/Debuchy rivalry.

AFC v LFC Bring it on – Oh no sorry Stevie you won’t be there LOL!




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