Are Arsenal over-reliant on Özil for the creative impetus and is this a concern??

Over reliant on Mesut??


After watching most of Arsenal’s recent matches, I’ve started pondering as to whether Arsenal are over-reliant on Mesut Özil and, to a lesser extent, Alexis Sanchez, to provide the main creative impetus for the team going forwards.

It seems that the majority of attacks come from a Özil pass or a defensive clearance from Santi Cazorla and, quite often, a darting run from either Alexis or Cazorla to get on the end of the pass. To me, it feels as if the other creative talents in the team aren’t working hard enough to create chances and through-balls and are leaving a lot of the creative inputs up to Özil, Alexis and Cazorla, which, to me, seems a little unfair.

Too much on these 3?


Granted, a number of our more attacking threats like Ramsey, Wilshere, Oxlade-Chamberlain and Rosicky have all had combinations of lack of form, selection issues and injuries this season, but I think, with our run-in that includes matches vs. Chelsea and Liverpool quite soon, where we have to pick up points to ensure qualification to the Champions League and finish as high in the league as possible to assist in our co-efficient for the Champions League, that all of our creative talents must work together to achieve results for the team. I included The Ox in that list as his direct running at defenders opens up space for other players to then get into goal-scoring positions.

Often opposition double up on Ozil


Opposition teams, however, have started to attempt to man-mark Özil out of matches to try to lessen his impact on the pitch. Take, for example, the recent games vs. West Ham and Monaco – Özil had at least two players marking him within a few seconds every time he received the ball. Surely that should be ringing some alarm bells for Arsene Wenger? Arsenal seemed to have a good attacking balance in the first half vs. Newcastle on Saturday without Özil – possibly because the makeshift Newcastle defence had no clue who to mark with Özil not being on the pitch!

An angry Mesut Özil


Now, before you start throwing your hands up and shouting at me, I’m not in any way suggesting that Özil be dropped from the match squad, especially not for the important matches – what I am suggesting is that the other creative midfield talents need to lift their games and make fewer errors in and out of possession to take pressure off of Özil. Players who must improve now are Ramsey (played well vs. Newcastle and Monaco, a trend which I hope will continue, after a pretty terrible season marred by injury and poor form). Oxlade-Chamberlain (must work on his ball retention and needs to look up for the earlier pass) and Rosicky (this is more from Arsene Wenger’s side – Rosicky needs to come on earlier as he almost always makes an impact when he plays). It may also be a good idea to keep Özil on the bench for a few of the  upcoming matches, especially against the relegation scrapers like Hull, Burnley and Sunderland.

Get TR7 on earlier and let him influence the run in as always


I know Arsene Wenger does not like to alter his sides if he can avoid it, but I hope that he does – Özil has played almost every match when he hasn’t been injured and could probably use a few matches as a sub to recharge his batteries. The same could be said of Alexis too, but I have no idea who we could bring in – Theo Walcott’s contract situation means that Wenger is less likely to risk him, possibly wanting to move him on in the summer, while Dan Crowley and Gedion Zelalem are, in my opinion, not yet ready for first team action and Serge Gnabry is still recovering from his knee injury, which has kept him out of the first team for a year now? The difference between Alexis and Özil’s situations are that we have fewer options to call on for Alexis if he were to get rested, while there are options in place for (slightly) resting Özil.

What do you think? Let me know!

Thanks for reading!


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2 Responses to Are Arsenal over-reliant on Özil for the creative impetus and is this a concern??

  1. Sphinx37 March 26, 2015 at 6:39 pm #

    I watched Germany friendly again Australia, Ozil played the whole game. He not only was the center of the team attack he was also directing where the ball should go in the passing scheme. I know Ozil plays selfessLy and that is his weakness. You can watch Alex dribbles the ball between opposing players and then lose it. Ozil is very determined to involve everyone on the team regardless who ends up the hero. To me he represents the almost complete team player, and if you don’t like it , sell him to BM Germany they will happy to take him off your payroll at any price.

  2. Sphinx37 March 26, 2015 at 6:55 pm #

    I watched Ozil play in the game against Astralia, he was o
    Not only playing the the No 10 , he was also directly were the ball should go in the Germany passing scheme. Ozil represent the consemmate, unselfish football player and like his team to succeed regardless who ends up the hero of the match. Alex like to control the ball, go thru people, and if he losses the the ball that is fine. Ozil is the opposite, he is a team player moving the ball foreward. Now the question is, if the English fans, critics and bloggers don’t like it, please trade him to BM Germany, they will be very happy to take him off your payroll at any price.

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