Bellerin, Debuchy and Cazorla want to go home – Really?

Anti Arsenal Sensationalist Crap

Anti Arsenal Sensationalist Crap

It’s nice to see the British press do their best to take the gloss off The Arsenal’s good form and on the field success!

No sooner have we had our best run of the season, the gutter press are doing their utmost to muddy the waters & stir up trouble.


The Daily Fail’s, younger, grubbier, dirtier sister is running these sensational headlines;

“I could leave Arsenal to replace Alves”

“I want to leave Arsenal & go back to Lille” 

& “I want to leave Arsenal & go back to Real Ovideo”

Basically, they run these headlines to turn the fans against the players, to unsettle the team & ultimately derail the rest of our season.


Because Arsenal aren’t wiling to buy trophies. Arsenal aren’t willing to risk everything for glory. Arsenal aren’t willing to sell their souls to the highest bidder.

These are now seen as the norm, we don’t conform, they are scared of different, they don’t like it & therefore they attack it & try to bring it down.

 If you read these stories closer;

 Bellerin: “I’m good at Arsenal, but you don’t know what the future may hold. The Arsenal are giving me everything, I am with amazing players. I don’t think about the future, I’ve just started”


Debuchy: “I have 3 1/2 years left on my contract at Arsenal, but to finish my career at Lille is my goal. 


Cazorla: “Real Oviedo is the team of which I was, I am, and will be a supporter of for all of my life. It’s where I grew up, I learned a lot as a player and I wish I could wear that shirt. In the short term it will be difficult, but hopefully in a few years it can be fulfilled”


Not quite the disastrous exodus that they want you to believe !!!



Arsenal are bigger & stronger than all of this.

Don’t believe the hype & keep the faith.

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2 Responses to Bellerin, Debuchy and Cazorla want to go home – Really?

  1. gr1mz3ngoon3r April 21, 2015 at 7:21 am #

    those scabs just don’t heal! good article spread the truth…… COYG!!!!

    • wellmington April 21, 2015 at 8:45 am #

      Cheers mate, glad you enjoyed

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