Theo’s pace in attack brings back vintage Arsenal

After some very frustrating matches this month against the likes of Swansea and Sunderland where we couldn’t break either sides down Theo’s recent inclusion has been very refreshing.
I didn’t have the chance to post last week but a point I wanted to make was that West Brom took the same approach as Swansea & Sunderland but the difference was Theo’s movement  which stretched their defenders left and right whereas previously we struggled because of Giroud’s lack of movement.
I think with pace in attack we have regained our identity and it’s what you want with a midfield containing talents like Cazorla and Ozil. Whether Walcott is the long term answer or not I’m unsure but he has provided a throwback of some sorts of vintage Arsenal where we’re so damaging going forward.
I’m not going to sit here and rant about whether we need to buy a new CF or not, (for the record I think we do) but if we’re looking at internal solutions I think there’s potential for Walcott. Arsene Wenger has never brought in a world class striker but has always developed them therefore I’d trust him in making either of Welbeck or Walcott his next project.

Theo Walcott has plied his trade on the wing and has learnt a lot out there in his time. The timing of his runs, finishing from angles, also utilising his speed.
A great moment was before Theo’s goal where he drifted out to the left and swapped with Alexis, we haven’t been able to have that fluency in the side with Giroud for years whereas that bit of rotation was reminiscent of Henry and Pires interchanging. In turn it led to the goal with Theo coming in off the left.

Celebrates his goal in final yesterday

It’s absolutely crucial we tie Theo down, I’m unsure of where his most effective position will be but one thing that can’t be doubted is his importance to club, he brings qualities that nobody else does. We have invested so much time into Theo Walcott it’d be absolutely criminal not to benefit from what may be his most promising years.

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