Media left Red faced as Arsenal let them down by being Brilliant! – Wenger shows his CLASS “I love him and will be forever grateful.”

Ahhhh yessss !!!!! Do Sunday mornings get any better than this? Bacon sizzling, each burp a reminder of the ridiculous amounts of drinks (first nerve settling ones, then elated celebratory ones, followed by ecstatic and a little bit smug ones), that were consumed yesterday. All the newspapers spread out in front of me, with happy Arsenal players and fans alike, pictured from every angle of Wembley stadium. Praising words appear from journos and hacks who never like to type anything good about us. I can almost feel the pain and anger jumping out from each letter as I read them, and picture them, teeth gritted, typing their match reports, as the game unfolded in front of them.


Thankfully we never even gave them a chance to type their usual vitriol. We left them with no option but to write good things about us. For in front of them Arsenal put on a show, as good as any seen in an FA Cup final, for many the years. Of course these hacks will now change tactics. They’ll say that this was a totally terrible Aston Villa side whose only focus was remaining in the Premier League…… BOLLOCKS..!!!!! The same people have spent a week building this game up, telling us how a star will be born in Grealish, how Delph will bully the Arsenal midfield, like so many others have done in recent years and how Benteke would be leaving our miserable back 4 and goalkeeper, red faced…. 


Was he playing?

Well, my dears, on all fronts I say, BOLLOCKS to you all… Grealish looked lost, put in his place by a young swash buckler in Bellerin, with help from Ramsey of course… Delph barely got a sniff, and when he did find a teeny weeny screed of space Le Coq rammed that sniff right back up his nose and Benteke, was he even there? I think Villa had one shot, correct me if I’m wrong and it certainly wasn’t him.

It won’t stop the hacks though, or many others – fans, opposition managers (mainly Mourinho), using that good old cherry – “Sure it’s only the FA Cup.”

 Only the FA Cup ????? They spend months writing about the magic of the cup, about “The Greatest Cup Competition in the World” but it seems, that only holds true, depending on who wins it..


Express Creeping Headline – ‘Jose Mourinho feels like a kid again after Chelsea’s Wembley triumph.’

Where only a matter of months ago, Jose Mourinho slid around the same turf in Wembley in his Versace suit, on his knees celebrating a League Cup victory. A league cup ???? Yet the same will try to knock us for winning the FA cup and for us fans celebrating it. Let us not forget that this is the same Mourinho who said of his first and only win in the FA cup –

“I won’t be throwing this one (medal) away” said Mourinho. “It means a lot, it’s the FA Cup and it’s the first one for me.” This is the same Mourinho who woudn’t speak to his team after being knocked out by Bradford in The FA cup, his team which was basically made full strength following his subs at 2-2. “Only the FA Cup?”

Their fans also will be pulling out the sneers at our trophy parade too of course, being only a week after they had what can only be described as something that looked a big blue bus going for a DOE, with a few mechanics standing around having a quick look, as it passed by.

Fuck Them !!!! Enjoy every moment of it… It IS the greatest cup competition in the world, and there isn’t one fan of another team in England who wouldn’t wish it was they, who were in our position today (If they told the truth).

Finally, one thing that has to be mentioned too, on each of these beautiful photos that jump up at me from my coffee table, is the fact that Arsene isn’t seen in many of them. Even the overall team photo with the sponsors board in the centre circle, he cannot be seen. For me it’s another measure of the man’s class. Even when going up to get the trophy, I got the impression that he had to be pushed up. For he prefers to let his players take all the credit, make it all about THEM, not him. If they’d made a balls up of it though, he’d have thrust himself out there, he’d be the rabbit in the headlights, he’d take the hits for the team, and that for me is class… (not waving 8 finger around the place ala Jose, indicating how many titles he’s won, for other clubs when the Chavs got their league trophy)..


Pure Class

For that, and for putting this team together, and for the 6 FA cups he’s delivered us (should’ve been 7 – cough cough Henchoz) I love him,and will be forever grateful.

Now go and enjoy the rest of OUR celebrations, Gunners….. UTA

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6 Responses to Media left Red faced as Arsenal let them down by being Brilliant! – Wenger shows his CLASS “I love him and will be forever grateful.”

  1. Iceman May 31, 2015 at 2:32 pm #

    Top class! Well written and incisive. Maureen is such a preening, self indulgent specialist in smugness. His rudeness towards one of the greatest managers ever in football has backfired on him this year. Boring, park the bus – win at any cost ‘football’ has won many detractors. In stark contrast. Arsenal play the beautiful game the way it is meant to be played.

  2. John Gee May 31, 2015 at 2:36 pm #

    I was born and raised in Fulham, and they are still the first result I look for, but having seen how Arsene Wenger handled himself in Monaco and Japan, transferred my allegiance to the great man in 1996 when he arrived on these shores. From the first day he has conducted himself in the true manner of Arsenal FC. The man is sheer CLASS just like the club he serves. Where are all the idiots from Stoke now ? I hope they never had the cheek to suggest they were Arsenal supporters yesterday.
    Arsenal have CLASS PLAYERS playing for a CLASS CLUB managed by a CLASS MANAGER, and I am proud to be associated.

    John Gee

    • woody June 1, 2015 at 8:06 pm #

      Wow, that’s a glorious reply mate

  3. Astro May 31, 2015 at 2:42 pm #

    this is the same specialist in failure winning back-to-back FA cup and the journalist reported that it a one sided final. at the viewing center here in Nigeria both Chelsea, Liverpool and Man u fans were supporting Villa and praying we loss. Thank God we won and the press r reporting a one sided final. I still trust the Specialist in Failure to extent his contract with us and show Jose
    Mourinho who the specialist in failure is. not winning trophies with rich daddy money that made one a good coach.

    Mourinho is always jealous of Ansere Winger because if his secured job.

  4. Garga May 31, 2015 at 4:57 pm #

    Well said mate. Congratulations darling Gunners. Just the beginning of good times n more trophies…. Class n class. Made us PROUD!!!!!!. Gunners for life.
    Let them eat their words.. their woessss.

  5. Michael Lani Rose June 4, 2015 at 2:24 pm #

    Mr Woods very well written, long after King Wenger is gone the EPL will dream of the impossible football he gave to us in England. The fights he fought against bias refs & teams the FA favoured, the years of injustices & shameful bias against an Arsenal that only wanted to play the beautiful game. l could never ever have enough of the man called Le Prof. And history will prove us right one day in the distance but may that day be far far away…

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