What’s got six legs, the speed of a bull(et) and will lead Arsenal’s charge this season?

It’s been a while since I did anything remotely creative, Arsenal-related. I used to dabble and doodle over coffee and a smoke – churning out Gunner propaganda quite regularly. Now I find myself caught up in more administrative, left-brain tasks – and, as I’m sure you all know too well, those tend to suck the life out of the fun stuff. Pity how that works, innit?

Anyhow. My partner-in-crime (and Blogmaster-General here at Gunners Town) Dave suggested that I launch the new season with an image of the Ox. As a bull. Ready to charge.

Sounds simple – until you actually try and put a human on a bull’s body. Especially when you only have access to a few suitable photos of a bull. (I ended up having to use a statue…) And then you have to find a photo of the OX that matches that of the bull. And do you use the OX’s head on a bull’s body? Nope – too weird – especially with horns. How about a bull head on the OX’s body? Uh-uh. Looks wimpy.

So – I ended up with something minotaurish. Looking at it now – the bull’s body should probably be a lot bigger. And I maybe I should have put it in pants, or removed its genitals to make it more SFW. I didn’t.

Here it is, for what it’s worth. If you’re a photoshop junkie and you want to make your own player/animal mashup – by all means send it to us and we’ll put it up here.

… and here’s to the OXTERMINATOR leading the charge as Arsenal (hopefully) storms to its first league title in a dozen years.


The Oxterminator... will he lead Arsenal's charge this season?

The OXTERMINATOR… will he lead Arsenal’s charge this season?

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