Mikel Arteta – Future Arsenal Gaffer

Futures and present?

Futures and present?

I saw a picture on Twitter the other day. Not one of them Ass pictures from @BeautifulBooty I constantly see RT’d onto my TL but another one.



It was a picture of Arteta and Guardiola and they looked like they were having an in-depth conversation. Now I doubt very much it was to discuss hairstyles but the image did make me think. And thinking hurts me.

Master and Pupil/Old Friends

Looking at this photo I came to a conclusion and I don’t know where this conclusion came from but it made me believe that Mikel Arteta is destined to become a football manager.

It was the way he was stood next to Pep with his perfect lego barnet on the touch-line and it looked more natural than the naturists swinging their bits about on the nudist beach in Brighton. (The address is Madeira Drive, Brighton, BN2)

Legohead - Thanks to @invinciblog for 1ND2OU

Legohead – Thanks to @invinciblog for 1ND2OU


I could be completely wrong of course, I mean I am wrong about 78% of the time but Arteta strikes me as the type of player who will go onto management at some level. He comes across as a very intelligent guy and when he does interviews Mikel always seems extremely articulate, even in a foreign tongue. Maybe when he speaks in his native lingo he might sound like a double thick Rooney-Kane combination but I haven’t heard him converse in Spanish and too be honest I wouldn’t understand him anyway.

What's on your bedside table Wrighty?

What’s on your bedside table Wrighty?

I read somewhere (yes I can read a bit, I’m on FunnyBones The Pet Shop now) that Arteta was doing a bit of coaching with the Arsenal youngsters at the club and that he was actually teaching them football stuff not how to do the perfect hairstyle.

MA8 Coaches U16s (Getty Images with thanks)

MA8 Coaches U16s (Getty Images with thanks)

This will help him in the future and it’s something I’d like to see Arteta do a lot more moving forwards as I believe he is the perfect role model for youngsters at the club.

When Arteta signed for Arsenal I was over the moon. I was happier than the time Dave Seager told me I was his biggest inspiration in Arsenal blogging history and the reason he began blogging, which is a true story by the way

I always felt (not with my hands) that Arteta would be ideal for Arsenal and I even wrote about it way back in 2008. I think he has been fantastic for us.

Arteta is not a superstar and never will claim to be BUT he  is clever, loyal, a great role model who people listen too and I think has the intelligence to one day become a football manager, maybe one day even ours!


Keep It Goonerish…..

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