Olympiakos was Sweet, Consistency Will be Sweeter! Prove Me Wrong Wenger!

As I woke at 6AM to the familiar sound of my alarm Thursday morning, a beaming smile appeared on my face and it was not solely because of the superb victory that sent us through to the Champions League knock out stages the evening before, nor had I rolled over to discover that Nicole Scherzinger had crept into bed alongside me as I slept, it was because after spending a large part of November criticising Arsene Wenger, he was finally worthy of praise.

Champions League victory gives Le Boss the edge over Ms. Scherzinger!

Champions League victory gives Le Boss the edge over Ms. Scherzinger!

It could of course be said that gaining victory by selecting and motivating a team containing players of a higher calibre than those possessed by the opposition, even with several key players absent through injury, should be a formality for a side with our quality, managed by a man of Arsene’s experience, although past experiences have taught us that this is not always the case, so securing a three goal victory at a notoriously difficult venue, one where we had lost on our three previous visits, is an impressive feat that matched the result achieved by group winners Bayern Munich.

Taking into consideration our embarrassing position after two defeats in our opening two group fixtures, a position we shouldn’t have been in considering the standard of the opposition we had faced up to that point, the manner of victory that secured our eventual qualification was impressive and seeing Wenger make an in game change by switching Joel Campbell and Theo Walcott to the opposite flanks was a simple but effective instruction and exactly the type of manoeuvre that we rarely witness from the manager, making it all the more pleasing.

Mr. Wenger was a bit more involved during the game

Mr. Wenger was a bit more involved during the game

However, despite Arsene getting things right in midweek, I don’t consider the boss to have delivered the tactical master class being lauded by some supporters as it’s my belief that the tactical side to football is often given far more significance than it deserves with many of the so called tactical master plans being nothing more than basic logic being used by those who have a good understanding of a relatively simple game, even if the media would have you believe that certain managers had cracked the Da Vinci code with the way they applaud their teams victories.

Not quite dear pundits...not quite...

Not quite dear pundits…not quite…

What has surprised me in the aftermath of our victory over Olympiakos, is the number of Arsenal supporters stating that they hope we draw Barcelona in the next round and whilst there is truth in the saying that if you want to be the best, you have to beat the best, it is also true that a certain element of luck often contributes to any teams successes and my preference would be for us to somehow avoid meeting the Spanish champions.

It is not unusual for some members of the clubs fan base to get carried away after an impressive victory and it would appear that those supporters have chosen to forget how susceptible we looked defensively before Olivier Giroud’s opener shattered the Greeks confidence and had we been facing a forward line containing Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez and Neymar, it’s a strong possibility that we’d have been trailing by one or two goals after the first twenty fives minutes as it wasn’t quite the perfect performance that some would have you believe.

On our day it is possible for us to beat anyone, as the victory over Bayern Munich at the Emirates showed, but to my mind we don’t consistently have enough days to give me the confidence of despatching the Catalonians over a two legged tie, although it’s certainly not an impossibly and were they to be our next challenge, I’d love to be proved wrong.

The contribution of Joel Campbell is worthy of a special mention too as I have questioned his quality numerous times in the past and I would love this to be the start of him working towards making me eating a large slice of humble pie, although for the time being I’ll reserve my judgement.

Onwards and upwards?

Onwards and upwards?

On a final note, I have seen some supporters bizarrely suggest that those of us who have criticised Wenger in the past, hate to see the team doing well, which is quite frankly laughable and insulting because wanting us to do well, is exactly the reason why we criticise the manager in the first place.

If we find the consistency the criticisms will slowly disappear and with Aston Villa up next, the time has come…..

6 Responses to Olympiakos was Sweet, Consistency Will be Sweeter! Prove Me Wrong Wenger!

  1. Daisy December 13, 2015 at 12:12 pm #

    Wow, it’s one thing to spout utter bollocks at a game or down the pub and embarrass your self in front of a few people, but to publish your whiny pathetic ramblings so a potentially a shit load more people can see what a sad twat you is hi

    • Batmandela December 13, 2015 at 12:20 pm #

      Arious – thanks for taking the time to say hi.

    • Nick Birch December 14, 2015 at 7:14 am #

      Daisy, thanks for the constructive feedback darling but the only embarrassment I can see is from the person abusing a complete stranger on line without expanding on what particular comments you consider to be bollocks X

      • Bob Stones December 14, 2015 at 8:17 am #

        De girl Daisy talking shit bruh, witty article at the start and lots of fair comments, she probably don’t like it because it tell de truth about de boy Wenger. She need to pull her head out de boys ass!

    • Alex Field December 15, 2015 at 7:44 pm #

      Daisy i really feel this contribution of yours is a tad on the personal insult sise so anything about the blog being “utter bollocks” would i think say more about you than the original Author.
      I think what he has to say is to my mind correct.
      Mr wenger while he does deserve credit for this match did deserve all the slating and bombs he got from the fans after the first two games in which he was really treating this the most prodigious club competition like the “carling cup” which i have to say shocked me rather when he did this away to Zagreb and then repeated at home V olympiakos.
      So now we have drawn Barcelona they are “Happy” they think we are through they cant beat us best they take a look at us v bayern to see what we can do if we all play hard and concentrate for spells of the match we can to be frank beat anyone one any particular day if our players all turn up!! i say to Nick you carry on mate your views are hardly pathetic ,i think as a rule they have been well put

  2. Dennis Yaxley December 15, 2015 at 8:22 am #

    Why is it that some people have to resort to using pathetic insults when they don’t agree with what one of the authors on here has written? Instead of calling someone a twat, why not offer your own viewpoint intelligently? I quite liked the article, read a couple of his and they are always well written. Ignore the abuse and keep it up mate, someone like Daisy should stay where Daisy’s belong, alongside the shit in the middle of a cow field. Arsenal FC not Arsene FC.

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