Shocker as ex-ref Elleray brought in to update Football Rules.

Football re-imagined


David Elleray has undertaken a clarification / tidy up / common-sense-ification of the rules of association football.

 On explaining the process undertaken,  Professor Elleray, MBE, explained that;

“We have tried to use much clearer language. We tried to avoid a lot of unnecessary repetition and we tried to make it up-to-date. Because the laws have evolved piecemeal and no one has done a comprehensive review there have been inconsistencies.”

 So when this re-imagination of the rules come into play in July 2016, what will they mean to the everyday professional footballer?


You can now score an own goal straight from the kick off.

Well 1

The rule is being changed to allow the ball to go in any direction at kickoff as long as it moves.

A Chelsea trainer can now enter the field of play to treat a player without fear of being sacked.

Well 2

If a player is injured from a challenge which is punished by a red or yellow card, he can have quick treatment on the field of play and does not have to leave.

Arsenal and United players can now be sent off before the game.

Well 3

Fighting players (in the tunnel) would be banned from playing the match, but both teams would still start with 11 because they would be able to use one of the named substitutes. They would lose a substitute.

The assistant referees and the fourth official are now considered as intelligent as the referee.

Well 4

Now we are saying his boots or whatever can be checked by the fourth official, the assistant referee even (?) and the player can come back during play.

This weeks corner flag is now brought to you in association with Barry’s Butchers. “All the meat a guy can eat”

well 5

Logos will be allowed on corner flags. 

 But ultimately, more confusion will reign.

well 6

We are encouraging referees to referee according to the spirit of the game and to use COMMON SENSE.

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