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Shocker as ex-ref Elleray brought in to update Football Rules.

Football re-imagined David Elleray has undertaken a clarification / tidy up / common-sense-ification of the rules of association football.  On explaining the process undertaken,  Professor Elleray, MBE, explained that; “We have tried to use much clearer language. We tried to avoid a lot of unnecessary repetition and we tried to make it up-to-date. Because the […]

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With the money in the game and the stakes so high is ‘Cheating’ inevitable?

Yesterday, Anushree Nande published a very interesting and well-thought piece on Gunners Town regarding player simulation (diving) and poor on-field behavior, citing Gerard Pique’s recent meltdown as an exemplary incident. Like all good and thoughtful pieces, it made me think. I realized that I had some feelings about the piece and, having a background in […]

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