Tabloid Haters Gonna hate BUT Arsenal: 2014 4th, 2015 3rd, 2016 2nd 2017?

Now I’m confused – confused by the logic and by the obvious agenda of the tabloid press.

Maybe, moving to ‘stralia and having to add an ‘O’ to the end of every word, has reduced by mental capacity to understand only the simplest of things. (Which conversely would make understanding the tabloid press easier). But I just simply do not understand.

 How can Arsenal’s season be deemed a total failure, yet the likes of Chelsea, United and City’s failings be brushed to one side as a bad season at the office.


Tabloid agenda?

Tabloid agenda?


 Now I know, we underachieved this season, but we under-underachieved more than the rest.

 To put in simplistic, tabloid maths;


Net Spend -£10m (£72 m out, £62m in)

Position -10th

Points – 50

No UCL next season, 2nd time in in 13 seasons


Man United:

Net Spend: -£10m (£85m out, £75m)

Position: 5th

Points: 66

No UCL next season, 2nd time in 3 seasons


Man City:

Net Spend: -£102m (£152m out, £50m in)

Position 4th

Points: 66

Just goes to show that money can’t buy you love 



Net Spend:  -£15 (£17m, £2m in)

Position: 2nd

Points: 71

UCL for the 19th season on the bounce.

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 We spent £5m more than Chelsea and United to get Champions League football next season and £90m less than City to get an extra week off in August. In my books that’s less of a failing.

 It’s not perfect, but all in all, I’ll take 2nd runner up. It’s not first, but at least it’s better than 4th, 5th or 10th runner up and as Arsene said:

18 other teams would love to be in our position

 And we were the only team to do the double over land and sea and Leicester.

 Heh, haters gonna hate !!!!


Haters gonna hate

Haters gonna hate


 When it comes down to it, it’s all about the trajectory and preferably an upward one.

 2013-14: 4th

2014-15: 3rd

2015-16: 2nd



One final thing…

Death. taxes and ....

Death. taxes and ….

Remember that 3 things in life are guaranteed;

Taxes, Death and St Totteringham’s Day

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