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Tabloid agenda?

Tabloid Haters Gonna hate BUT Arsenal: 2014 4th, 2015 3rd, 2016 2nd 2017?

Now I’m confused – confused by the logic and by the obvious agenda of the tabloid press. Maybe, moving to ‘stralia and having to add an ‘O’ to the end of every word, has reduced by mental capacity to understand only the simplest of things. (Which conversely would make understanding the tabloid press easier). But I […]

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Francis Coquelin, the next Gilberto?

Francis Coquelin was a leader for Arsenal at Manchester City (just a month after playing for Charlton)… Arsène Wenger may have found his new Gilberto Silva  – Matt Morlidge for The Daily Mail, January, 19th   Don’t get me wrong, Francis Coquelin had a fantastic game at Manchester City last weekend. He was superb in […]

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