If Jamie Vardy is the Answer what on earth is the Question Arsene?



If Jamie Vardy is the answer, then I’d love to know what the question is.

This is such a left field *signing from Arsene, those fans who were screaming for change and ranting for Arsene to change his policy, not even in their wildest imagination did they ever expect this. I have had a week to come to terms with what this signing could mean for Arsenal and our style of play, and I haven’t yet come round to the idea of Jamie Vardy playing for the Arsenal. Back last season when Arsenal beat Leicester 5-2 at the King Power, I distinctly remember tweeting ‘’Builders merchant Vardy scores again’’ or words to that effect, when he (admittedly) scored a good goal against us.  But never in a million years did I ever think a 29-year-old, who (correct me if I’m wrong) scored 5 goals in 34 games during Leicester’s first season back in the Premier League – would ever interest Arsene. If I’m brutally honest I never rated Vardy, not because of who he played for, not because he began his trade in Sunday league, but because I felt he wasn’t good enough. I still stand by my original opinion, I don’t believe he is good enough for us, even though he will most likely score bucket loads at the Emirates I have my reservations he would be a total success.

Only one good year after 29

Only one good year after 29

Back in the summer of 2012, Arsene sold a want away RvP to Man United, and as we all know they went on to win the league and our ex-skipper scored a bucket load of goals, Sir Alex then rode off into the sunset to retirement and I can’t help but wonder if Wenger has that at the back of his mind. When Van Persie left he was 29 at the time, he had his best goal scoring season prior to his departure, and he then became frustrated at our lack of ambition and demanded a move as he wanted one last shot at a title. Vardy is 29, coming off the back off the best scoring season he’s had, so already similarities and I’m all for romantics but Vardy is crucially already a league winner, he has it made at Leicester and if he does want to leave, it can only be because he feels the best chance of winning the league again, lies away from Leicester.

I love Arsene, honestly I do but this transfer window is incredibly frustrating for GOOD reasons. Why couldn’t he have been like this in previous windows? So many times I’ve been left annoyed as teams snap up world class players and we were left scrapping the barrel, but the signing of Granit Xhaka couldn’t have got the window off to a better start, then we’ve been linked with Ricardo Rodriguez, a Swiss left back who I would love (sorry Gibbs) to join us, and he seems keen, he’s an international team mate of Xhaka’s and is well courted by many others, but he seems to be leaning towards us. So far so good, Xhaka’s in and rumours of Rodriguez, then came Vardy and another player who I’d love, Mkhtaryan.

More on Mkhitaryan in a bit, but the reason I say this window is frustrating, is I believe we can buy better then Vardy, and should be aiming for such. There are plenty of blogs about (one by Gunners Town’s own @goonerdave66) on why Signing Vardy will surely mean a change in tactics and how we play, something which I don’t agree with. It’s not our style of play that needs to change it’s the players who play it. We are addressing the situation slowly but surely in this window and I feel that a striker in the mould of say… Higuaín or Aubameyang would suit us a lot better than Vardy in the long term. The proposed terms of £120,000 a week for 4 years on top of a reported £22 million fee just seem way out of left field and to be honest I just don’t get it. One good season in my eyes just doesn’t justify a reason to shoe horn him into our side. If Arsene truly is splashing the cash this summer, I’d much rather him bid £40-50 mill for Higuaín or even £60 mill for Aubameyang.

Mkhitaryan seems keen to join us and he has one year left on his deal with Dortmund and has reportedly rejected a new contract. If we can pull this signing off it would be a major coup for us and the Online Soccer Betting experts make us favourites  it seems. A genuinely world class player who would fit into our system perfectly, he would instantly displace Walcott and Oxlade-Chamberlain and link up with Ozil and Sanchez to form a devastating 3 behind the striker. Dortmund already play fast attacking football and he wouldn’t need any adjustment time. A fee of 30 million Euros is quite frankly a bargain in today’s market and if we can get the deal over the line, it would be a great signing.

Perfect fit?

Perfect fit?

So often we Arsenal fans are left high and dry in these windows, the majority hang on to every ITK’s word on Twitter and get over excited about transfers that will never happen, Benzema anyone… but this window is different and come August I think we can look on the new season with great optimism.

*I said signing, but at this current moment Vardy is making his official decision on joining after the Euros, it’s never easy supporting Arsenal.

One final thought…

Imagine Vardy does sign and within 3 months he snaps him hammy when he’s running through on goal… it’s a pretty Arsenal thing to happen to be fair…

Until next week.

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6 Responses to If Jamie Vardy is the Answer what on earth is the Question Arsene?

  1. Gerry June 10, 2016 at 1:03 pm #

    Here are a few ‘Question suggestions’:

    What player … is not like Giroud?
    What player ….carries more threat than Walcott?
    What player ….does not slow down after 60 minutes?
    What player ….has scored the most goals inside the box in the PL?
    What player ….has stayed more injury free than most of the 2015/16 Arsenal squad, and is a Leicester striker?
    What player ….has scored 24 league goals and might only cost £20m?

    However, more likely, although the above are helpful …
    What player ….would you buy if you wanted to entice Mahrez to leave Leicester?
    What player ….would you buy to bridge the age gap over a couple of seasons until any academy prospect( like Akpom/Gnabry?) are ready to fill the striker role …. and did not cost the Zlatan millions to run?

    Vardy …

    p.s. I think he has been long enough out of the building trade to start thinking more of Premier League Championship medal holder?
    Let’s face it, if he does as good a job upfront for Arsenal as he did for Leicester nobody will give a crap about his heritage, shortcomings, or style of play will they?

    • Graham June 10, 2016 at 2:02 pm #

      Gerry, I couldn’t have put it better myself.

      • ben draper June 10, 2016 at 2:33 pm #

        Gerry if you’re happy to have Vardy at the club then I respect that, I however think we can do better and there is better out there. I see every point you have made and whilst valid I feel you have jumped on the one season wonder bandwagon. How would you feel if Arsenal signed Vardy and he scored say, 7 goals and we ended the season fourth? would you be happy because you know you stood by the Vardy signing? and my reference to the building trade was early in the season, there was no way in hell you could have foreseen what type of season him and Leicester were to have.

        • Feliks June 11, 2016 at 2:50 am #

          Ben, what if we signed Higuain or even Aubumeyang and we still ended the season fourth? And to put more salt on wound, Vardy on the other hand still having his good season with 2x goals and Leicester finish above us, again?

  2. Nonny June 10, 2016 at 1:42 pm #

    It’s all fool hardy trying to portray you know more than Arsene on the needs of the team when you have neither a managerial licence or inside knowledge on the workings of the club. Why are you mourning? If Arsenal spend, it a problem, if Arsenal doesn’t spend, it’s another problem. You want a striker but it must be Aubameyang, Higuain or burst. Have you considered also that they can snap a hamstring on the 1st match?

    Vardy is home grown and for £20m is a steal. How much is Raheem Sterling or John Stones worth last season. Even Walcott is valued at £25m. Yes he is 29, same as RvP when he was sold but on the plus side, he has not played at the top for so long hence the wear and tear of a professional soccer player is less on him. He is also not injury prone like RvP. What is the major difference in style of play between Vardy and Aubameyang because I don’t see much. Vardy is different from the type of strikers we currently have and will bring something different to the team.

    Imagine, signing Aubameyang or Higuain for £60m on a salary of over £200k p/wk that City or Chelsea will offer, then Ozil, Sanchez and co will demand a raise and we can’t compete with them Sugar Daddies money wise.

    If Vardy comes, fine, if not I will support any other player signed to succeed.

  3. JB June 10, 2016 at 2:28 pm #

    If you’re going to chuck that much on a striker, Lukaku has to be a better bet than Higuain or Aubameyang.

    Crucially, he’s PL fit.

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