If Draxula takes the count up to 2, is it a Double Dip in the Bay of Naples for 3 & 4?



So if the recent stories are to be believed, Julian Draxler is on the late night flugzeug from Berlin and will be on the physio table at London Colney tomorrow and if all goes to plan, he will provide the balance on the right wing to compliment Alex on the left, allow Iwobi the chance to grow into the player we hope he will be and allow us to say goodbye to Theo.

Then, Arsene needs to look for signing 3 and 4 to finish his latest rebuild if we are to feature in the Online Premier League betting.

Number 3, a centre back and most importantly number 4, a worldly centre forward.

The rumours mill is in full effect and if it’s true, Wenger is contemplating a double dip in the Bay of Naples.

The first on his shopping list is believed to be French born, Senagleese international centre-back Kalidou Koulibaly.

The other, is our old friend Gonzalo Higuain.

Naples Double Dip

Naples Double Dip


I can visualise Arsene’s negotiations………

So Senor Sarri

So Signore Sarri

“Signore Sari, how are we things? How are your holidays going?”

‘Hello Arsene, just stop there. The answer is no’

“But Maurizio, you don’t even know what the question is”

‘Arsene, I’m not stupid, the question is the same question you ask every year and my answer is the same now as it was before, Gonzalo is not for sale’

“Non, Non monsieur, you have me all wrong, you see….”

‘Oh really Arsene, do I?’

“Yes, I’m offering €100 million”

‘Oh, well maybe……’

“But I want Koulibaly as well”

‘Ohhhh, I see it’s like…..’

“Well, when I say €100 million, I mean €70 million plus a player”

‘Ohhh, he we go……’

“A really good French striker, a Number 9 who scores, um, well regularly”

‘€70 million plus Oliver Giroud, well that’s a good starting point, Monsieur Wenger’

“Non Maurizio, you misunderstand, Yaya Sanogo!”

‘One final time, F**k off Arsene’


But seriously…

Unless Wenger is intending on relying on Akpom to deliver us the 20-odd goals we need from a second striker, it is unlikely that we will be able to mount a serious challenge to the other Premier a league contenders, who all now have some serious goal-scorers…

Obviously we need our other creative players to put the ball in the back of the net more often – Ozil, Ramsey, The Ox – even Alexis could be more consistent throughout the season. He tends to be effective in patches.

If nothing further happens in this transfer window and we are left starting youngsters up front against Liverpool on opening day, then there is bound to be a pretty toxic atmosphere at the Emirates. And the last thing we need is for the season to start as badly as it did last year.

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