A Gunnerstown Fantasy

It’s less than two weeks until the start of the season and Arsene has been about as active as a sloth, studying sloth studies at Slothville University.

So no change there then.

But you can get more involved in the transfer this season by joining The Gunnerstown Fantasy League.



Go to, pick 14 players, enter the league code 150318-49226, get 1 transfer a week and bring in that extra big name striker when you need it (are you listening Mr Wenger).

Test your football management skills against the writers and readers of Gunnerstown and if you end up top dog, you could be as happy as this guy.

To give the competition that extra edge, our esteemed leader and superstar author, Dave Seager (@goonerdave66), is offering a signed copy of his latest book to the winner 😉IMG_0426

So go on, enter The Gunnerstown Fantasy League and give yourself a chance of still being in the hunt for a title come May.







One Response to A Gunnerstown Fantasy

  1. Alex T Borbor August 4, 2016 at 9:44 am #

    Please try and do some things good for us this season ok Mr. Wenger. All your friends are doing there transfer market in good condition and you are here doing non thing.

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