Hey, Maureenho: check yourself, before you wreck yourself!

Ethicaldefinition – relating to moral principles
It’s August 6th and Maureen is off already.
Apparently it is ‘unethical’ to comment on United’s worse kept secret of spending £100m to RE-SIGN Paul Pogba from Juve.
Arsene stated that the valuation of the ex United youngster was ‘completely crazy’ and Klopp has been reported as saying he wouldn’t spend that much money on one player even if funds were unlimited.

Maureen then retorted with the statement that, ‘They are things that when I do are not ethical, when others do it, everything is normal’

Maureen, wether it is ethical or not to criticise someone spending such obscene fees on ONE player, especially as United sold him to Juve 3 years ago for less than £1m.


You should take a deep breath and ‘check yourself before you wreck yourself’

August 2015:
Maureen calls club doctor Eva Carneiro, a ‘daughter of a whore’ for carrying out her job.

July 2015:
In response to comments made by Mrs Benitez, Maureen continued the insults with, ‘She should be worrying about her husband’s diet.’


February 2012:
In preparation for a Champions League match, when discussing the opposition, CSKA Moscow, Maureen was recorded saying ‘And those faggots … do not say that you play ball’


October 2005:
Maureen at his slanderous best, attempting to insult Arsene with
‘I think he is one of these people who is a voyeur’

Maureen would be advised to take a step back and examine his own actions, but hey, we all know his ego would never let that happen !!!

Anyway, with 5 of the worlds top managers all pitted against each other, it’s only going to get better.

Let the fun and mind games begin.



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One Response to Hey, Maureenho: check yourself, before you wreck yourself!

  1. skaymini August 7, 2016 at 10:13 am #

    morio is a specialist in failure. he can’t even develop a player. spending 100m on a player dat walk away freely from dem last 4yrs ago… a guy dat doesn’t have impact on his team at Euro. pogba is 100m waste already….gba beee

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