Early hope, hope dashed then hope shattered: Arsenal (except Alexis) roll over (again) for their title rivals

It’s exactly 6:03 pm GMT as I type this up. I have never typed up a column so soon after a game, because I want my columns to be bereft of any rashness and thoughtlessness. Case in point, today.
After sitting through 94 minutes of what was an appalling, heart wrenching and devastating loss to a Manchester City team without 2 of it’s most influential players, whose toothless defence every team in the league including 2016-2017’s version of Leicester City is able to attack like an unguarded bank, I can do nothing more than tap furiously away at these innocent keys on keyboard. I tried pulling my hair out but that yielded nothing more than the terrible headache I am currently suffering.

Sigh. Arsenal Football Club. I am filled with the need to shout, to cuss and be outright unruly, because yet again this team, which I have given my heart and soul to for give or take, fifteen of my tender years has let myself along with millions of Gooners around the globe down.

Early Hope

Why do I still support this team after all the years of heartbreak you may ask? Well, that is a question I cannot answer. I just know one thing, the love I have for this football team is strong and can never be questioned, but right now I am in the dumps. Why am I so low this early in the season despite the recent good run of form you may ask? Well, like I said I’ve been down this road with Arsenal for majority of the past 15 years and when the light at the end of the tunnel seems to appear, there is a violent tug back into the darkness.

I have always thought that if there would ever be a sequel to the popular movie Groundhog Day, there would have to be a storyline involving Arsenal. It’s quite preposterous the amount of money spent by fans of this club to the upkeep of players and staff yet today what we saw was a pathetic, shoulder-dropping display from the ‘Gunners.’ Despite the early goal which flattered our total performance, the players played as if they did not want to be on the pitch and would rather be elsewhere. Players who earn 6 figures, A WEEK just to kick a ball about to enterttain paying and deserving fans. No one is saying its easy, but at least, show the paying fans the due respect and show some heart.

Hope dashed

The Arsenal players played in the second half so timidly, you would think we were facing the 2009-2010 Barcelona team with it’s brilliant group of players. There was simply no ambition, no drive, no look of champions. The want to dominate and tear City to shreds to send a message to the rest of the league was absent. In its stead was in these well-paid men from North London, fear and trepidation to take a stranglehold of a weakened City team.

There is currently only one man who plies his trade for this team that seems to never want to lose. One man who came from the doldrums of Tocopilla in Chile and as a result knows how difficult it is for working fans to buy exorbitant tickets to watch him and his teammates, thus his never-say-die attitude; Alexis Sanchez. That the club is currently embroiled in contract extension talks at this moment in time just stinks of terrible management by whomever is in charge of handling that. Alexis gets going every single time, trying to lead these men with him in pressing and harrying the backline of opponent’s; they try for a few moments, but then give up, leaving him to press, all alone. Again, a topic for another day.

Hope shattered

Ian Wright on ‘Football Today’ during the buildup to the game this week said something along the lines of fearing which Arsenal side would show up today, the Chelsea-dominating one or the Manchester United dominated one. He decried how many times the team had let fans down over the years and hoped for a positive performance today. Well, we all know what happened. I can only say sorry to Ian, Sorry to all you hardworking Gooners worldwide who either spend huge amounts to watch the team both at home and away or on expensive satellite services to watch the team we love dearly. We deserve better, and hopefully, it will not take another 15 years before we see huge honours come our

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2 Responses to Early hope, hope dashed then hope shattered: Arsenal (except Alexis) roll over (again) for their title rivals

  1. Victor Thompson December 19, 2016 at 11:39 am #

    Hi Faisal,

    I think you echoed the feelings of every Gooner who ever wrote a comment on Gunnerstown. I too waited until today to put my feelings on paper. I take your point about the players not appreciating how much it costs a Gooner to support them and the effort it costs many of them to raise the money for their ticket.

    Unfortunately, the club has made it abundantly clear that the revenue from the fans is secondary to the Payments from Sky, BT, and their commercial interests. The gutless way this team surrenders to the big teams is sickening and Sundays game was one of the worst. The fans have every right to expect value for money but this team which has “great Spirit, great character, great togetherness and great talent” to quote Wenger is cheating the fans.

    I am ashamed this morning to read that once again Wenger is blaming the referee, the people who fix the dates of the matches who seem to conspire against us and anyone else he can think of as an excuse for the abysmal display ( not performance – they didn`t perform ) of his team. It is making a laughing stock of the club and himself. He is now becoming a figure of fun for the media. Instead of discovering what the reason is for this bunch of players laying down arms all at the same time.

    Where do we start, “This is the best squad in years We have strength in depth, It is difficult to accommodate every one” etc. If he has so many riches at his disposal, don`t you think he should be able to produce results without having to make pathetic excuses.

    I would like to hear an opinion from a Wenger supporter who can explain logically, why the same mistakes and lack of guts every year are repeated. Does anyone now look forward to the Bayern game with any kind of optimism?

    This is ( or was ) the top club in London but a mongrel club such as Chelsea who have no pedigree is now arguably the best. Spurs, who haven`t won anything in nearly fifty years are baying at our heels and they will soon have a stadium to equal the Emirates at a time when admittedly they are going through the transition we had to, but we have more than twice their spending power. How can that be? They have a best 11 players but hardly any bench and they have been playing in the same amount of games that we do. They are now playing in the Thursday Night Loser`s Club, so we cannot claim any disadvantage on that score.

    They are talking about extending his contract again. Please God, No! He has had a relatively quiet time so far this year because he made some signings and there was genuine optimism with the way we started. Most of his critics ( including me ) were prepared to see if he had learned from the previous three seasons in particular and remedy the obvious mistakes which have been many and repeated.

    Ask your self, given his own description of his players referred to above, how can he not coach a team to play genuine, consistent, competitive football? If he cant do it with this squad, how can he get any better? What is the future for Arsenal if we are going to get this level of performance ( or non-performance ) for the next 12 years?

    I say these things more in hope than expectation because I know that as you have said, the fans don`t matter. it is a gloomy forecast for this great club. The magician that was Arsene Wenger in 1996 to 2004 disappeared a long time ago. What we have now is an outdated old man who is a caricature of himself.

  2. DEW December 19, 2016 at 12:47 pm #

    With all due respect, I think it is good to start to think about creating a break up club. Don’t you think? It has no meaning to support so called big club like arsenal. It is better to support a mid table club than arsenal. Arsenal is one of the worst thing that has happened to many arsenal fans. Millions and millions of the club supporters have already abandoned the club world wide, and are now the targeted fans by other big clubs. We have seen yesterday game again and again and again for many years now.

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