Alternative Facts: Brought to you by Britain’s Top Cundits

Alternative Facts

Alternative Facts

In the past few weeks, so called footballing experts have been found guilty of going before the press and issuing “Alternative Facts” and basically undermining the credibility of the football pundit.

Maybe these guys should have checked themselves before they wrecked themselves.

Alternative Fact 1 – Fergie”s little henchman, Paul Scholes:

“Tottenham and Arsenal will finish fifth and sixth. The other teams are better than them”
The facts – The Spuds are having their best season in 20 years and Arsenal (if everyone is fit) are better still.
United and City are inconsistent at best and behind both Arsenal and the Spuds in the title race, 6 points in United case.
Also, when they finish fifth and sixth, both the lauded managers will get sacked by the Russians and the Arabs respectively.

Alternative Fact 2 – Paul ‘the original false number 9’ Merson:

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Asked by Jeff Stelling to “Give us three sides you’re putting your money on,” Merse said he’d put hard earned on “Everton, Stoke and AFC Bournemouth”

The facts – Everton lost 2-1 to Premier League champions Leicester City at Goodison Park, Stoke were defeated 2-0 away to Championship side Wolves and Eddie Howe’s Cherries were dumped out 3-0 away to League One minnows Millwall.
All that gambling in the 90’s didn’t teach you anything then Paul 😉

Alternative Fact 3 – Michael ‘Yes, I did win the Ballon d’Or’ Owen:

Basically everything he says is just bollox!!!

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