Is Wenger on a additional Bonus to take Flak for a Cowardly Board?

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Wow! It has been eons since I last published anything here. Eons because once again, they did it again, let millions of souls down that is. I don’t know how but my colleagues here at Gunners town have been incredible. They have been able to find resolve somehow, to talk about this team we love, week in, week out. I couldn’t bring myself up to the challenge.

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I don’t know why, after all these years of heartbreak, that I seemingly allow myself to be lulled down this path with Arsenal, time without number, but I guess this is what Rihanna meant when she made the song, ‘Stupid in Love.’ As I have said several times in this column, I fell for the Arsenal over a decade and half ago and saw the Invincibles play the beautiful game with a swagger, panache and grace never seen consistently anymore on the red side of North London, and have never, even during these painfully dire times thought I made a wrong decision. You are supposed to take the good with the bad.

Tough Times

The problem though is that the bad moments happened when the club was looking to do good; by making major strides in terms of infrastructure, and this was understood by fans, almost unanimously. Yet, after this developmental move had taken place, the slide has continued, and like a crescendo, it has reached alarming levels of embarrassment never seen before on our side of the English fame, and nothing is being done to check it. That is where fans have a problem. That we have a board which is weak. A board without ‘balls.’ A ‘coward board’ which hides behind Arsene Wenger, whom I’m certain has a bonus he receives annually based on the amount of flak he receives at the expense of the board.

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We have at the helm old white men who clearly are not lovers of the team and its legend from the past, but rather of the number of zeroes they can have find their way into their bank accounts. Arsene Wenger obviously is to partly blame, but if we had a competent board, a board of actual Arsenal fans, who hate seeing what is happening now, a ‘careful’ change would long have been made to at least, attempt to save the situation.

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This isn’t a piece filled with solutions. This is a rant. A rant against the institution. The institution which for long has hidden behind our hapless manager and collects huge salaries for filling Stan Kroenke’s pockets, a man who owns some of the worst performing sport teams in the U.S.A. Arsene is to blame partly, mind you, but do also direct your some of your ire at those supposed to keep him in check.

Oh, and I’m back! 🙂

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One Response to Is Wenger on a additional Bonus to take Flak for a Cowardly Board?

  1. TH14 March 3, 2017 at 12:40 pm #

    Well said.. Good post… Reflects my feels totally.

    I board with no ambition and ideas as to how to make the club bigger and earn even more money other than through the fans that pay sky high prices to fill their pockets.

    We need a new board that see’s a global brand rather than just one of North London!

    Even if Wenger leaves, I don’t see anything being better until Kronke steps down and replaced with someone with ambition and ideas of competing on an international level. Both on and off the pitch.

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