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Highbury Hero Joe Baker: His Generation’s Roy Of The Rovers

Today we’re going all the way back in the time machine to 16th July 1962. When Arsenal paid a club record fee of £70,000 to Torino for an exciting young swashbuckling centre forward. He was an instant success becoming a massive hit with the Highbury crowd. Even now more than half a century after leaving […]

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Leaving Madrid?

Would a Ronaldo Return to Man United spark the Transfer Domino Effect?

It seems that the chatter about a potential Cristiano Ronaldo exit is true after all, after several publications revealed the latest developments. Although there was no direct statement coming from the player or from his management team, some publications have shared this development, which according to them was based on an information from a reliable […]

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Ivan, Arsene, Chips and Josh Interview – Revealing? No!!

They don’t talk any more   Heh Ivan have you spoken to Stan? Not this year Heh Arsene have you spoken to Stan? Not for a while Heh Chips have you spoken to Stan? Not this year Heh Josh have you spoken to Dad? Knowing smile   Heh Ivan is a contract on the table? […]

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Is Wenger on a additional Bonus to take Flak for a Cowardly Board?

Wow! It has been eons since I last published anything here. Eons because once again, they did it again, let millions of souls down that is. I don’t know how but my colleagues here at Gunners town have been incredible. They have been able to find resolve somehow, to talk about this team we love, […]

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Wenger and Kroenke- An Accident Waiting to Happen?

Being an aging hipster (cough) I have copious amounts of old Billy Bragg on my iPhone. No apologies for that. As I drive around, if I flick the car media player, my player seems to default to a random alphabetical playlist. I am a technophobe and have never managed to change this. So soon after […]

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I fell in love with the Arsenal at a really tender age, about 6 years old, when I really did not understand the game of football, at least how much it meant to fans who supported their team with all of them; heart, soul and breath. All I knew was my dad loved Manchester United and I […]

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Three Saints came marching in to the Emirates – One has marched out and the other 2…

In January 2006, during the winter transfer market something very very strange happened. Arsene Wenger signed on three new players, Abou Diaby, Emmanuel Adebayor and Southampton starlet, Theodore James Walcott. Yes, you read that right, THREE players.  Each stayed at The Arsenal for a length of time to varying degrees of success, but of that […]

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The German Gunner’s View of the New German Gunner – Shkodran Mustafi

If we want the on the spot view for German Arsenal new we go to @germangunners The wait is over! Arsenal got their new centre back and he is German. What better reason could there be to be back on GunnersTown as to have a look at our new man in the centre of our […]

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‘IF’ This is not the most Positive Assessment of Arsenal’s Current Status…….

There have been some thought provoking events in recent weeks. Yes, I am talking about injuries and since then we have had a load of people talking about how Wenger has to be held responsible for it. My colleague, Alex of the Tsar Cannon has come up with a post right here where he talks […]

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Ambition? Competition? Incomplete Squad? Why Arsenal fans need to rationalise the transfer window

“I am always confident that a last-minute situation or solution is available, because the transfer market is especially moving in the last four or five days. But at the moment I cannot promise you that. We have specific targets but sometimes you get an idea from somebody because you didn’t know that the player you […]

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