On Reflection Arsenal’s Cup Win was the $5 Dollar ‘Happy Ending Massage’ at the end of a Dodgy Holiday

$5, $5, You want happy ending?

And so it came to pass, you study hard, scrimp and save for years, to pay you dream gap year backpacking around South East Asia.

You finally land and things go from bad to worse;

You fall out with your BFF over your accommodation,

You save your wages only to have them stolen by the American whose just moved in, and

You miss your flight back home to Europe.

Then, when you’ve just scrapped enough together to get a budget flight back to Eastern Europe, on your final day you decide to blow the last of your funds on a massage. She whispers in your ear “Happy ending? $5”, you think what the hell, you only live once and when it’s over you think, “Hey this trip was pretty good after all”.

Welcome to life as a Gooner, show the respect that is due and enjoy the ride.

Editors Note – The staff at Gunners Town would like state that we have never had a such a massage or been offered a ‘happy ending’. We are trusting our writer Steve Wellman, that this is indeed available!


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