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David Rocastle – The One that Got Away and the Regret of never actually seeing him Play

Every year, on this day, I have the same feeling of regret. On the day that marks the premature loss of David Rocastle, I feel I missed the chance to watch a unique player and character.I’ve been an Arsenal fan for over twenty years now and I’ve watched so many talented footballers and special characters […]

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Trust Mikel and Edu, the new Custodians, to sell what it means ‘To Play for The Arsenal’

Surely, even in modern football, it can be about tradition, history, previous glory and a desire to return to those times. Can’t it? Please tell me it can, or the game truly has gone to hell in a hand cart, as the old saying goes. Now is such a time for the new dynamic duo […]

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Our Transfer Dealings would be different with David Dein – In Praise of our former Vice-Chairman

Yesterday I posted a tweet saying I wished David Dein was still conducting Arsenal’s transfer affairs. This caused quite a reaction with fans either agreeing or mentioning all the bad things they considered he did to the club. There is no doubt he made plenty of mistakes along the way. However, I think overall the […]

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Who cares about Monchi? I do, for one. because in modern football Arsenal need a Technical Director

  By now, most nay all know that Monchi, or Ramon Rodriguez Verdejo to quote his full name, is going back to Sevilla and won’t be coming to us. But then the change in attention to this, from a few decades ago, is stark. Back then, we would not have cared about appointments like this. […]

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Wenger, Vieira, KSE, Tottenham is ‘Sh’t’ and more – An Audience with David Dein

Last week, I was fortunate and grateful receive an invite to an event at DWF hosted by Tom Mungovan @tvanmungo, at which David Dein was the guest speaker.   Thought I’d share a thread with some of the key highlights – and there were many – David is an absolute gentleman and hugely visionary and engaging character […]

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Last season's failure in PL a 'Catalyst for Change'

Wrigglesworth, Mislintat and now Sanllehi – Is the Gazidis delivering on the ‘Catalyst for Change’?

For some years now, we’ve all known the score. Under Arsene Wenger, you had Pat Rice, and then Steve Bould. Alongside the manager and his direct assistant, the backroom was made up of Boro Primorac, Tony Colbert, Steve Rowley and Gerry Peyton. Essentially if you’d played Football Manager down the years, this troop were your […]

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Mickey Thomas goal

Wined, dined and 89’d… An Arsenal Love Affair.

Another fantastic guest post by @R_GOONER Having not been invited to the premier last week (but I’m over it) it was a great pleasure to dig deep into my pocket for the 89p to be at the Emirates to watch the Membership screening of the 89 film. (Ed: if you haven’t read it yet, read […]

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DD Missed

Arsenal Optimism abounds, no time for the Pessimists and Haters but do we miss David Dein?

Dear Fellow Gunners   Quite a few points to cover;-   The Cup Final was on 27 May and the first match of the new season is on 11 August. Six weeks since we saw our team triumph in style against Chelsea at Wembley and another five weeks before AFC open the new season against […]

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On Reflection Arsenal’s Cup Win was the $5 Dollar ‘Happy Ending Massage’ at the end of a Dodgy Holiday

$5, $5, You want happy ending? And so it came to pass, you study hard, scrimp and save for years, to pay you dream gap year backpacking around South East Asia. You finally land and things go from bad to worse; You fall out with your BFF over your accommodation, You save your wages only […]

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Wenger Strongly Opposed to a Director of Football – Arrogant or Sensible?

Hello there dear readers of Gunners Town, quite a long break from me and I do apologise for that although this might be a bit of a rare blog anyway since the topic itself is so temporary. Arsene Wenger’s press conference this morning sparked a flurry of activity I have not seen before and with […]

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