Two More Years Of Actual Victory Through Harmony

Wenger FA Cup Final

There he stood on the sidelines of the hallowed turf of the home of English football resplendent in his well ironed white shirt with a tie in the color of our favorite football club, flying resolutely just like the man who wore it, in what certainly must go down as one of the worst turns of relations between club and fan-base in the modern Premier League era.

Arsene Wenger, the man whose name suggests he does have something fateful and beyond the normal sight to do with the club has been through the wringer this season; mostly for reasons of his own doing. Poor tactics, poor game management, lack of ruthlessness, poor player contract negotiations being what easily come to mind. But still, he has been through the wringer. The amount of abuse and vitriolic matter hurled towards a man who will go down in history as one of the greats in the management game no matter what has been embarrassing and hurtful to watch.

I personally, in the heat of the moment on one or two occasions may have directed some towards him, but it takes a strong man to admit his folly, so here I am declaring I was wrong to have ever directed any abuse towards this man who during most of this vitriol laced season has carried himself with class and respect.

His interview before the biggest game of our season against Chelsea at Wembley during which he spoke of the hurt he felt at the abuse no human should be victim to, made me shudder and feel a pang of shame hit me. Arsene has had his flaws mind you. He is not perfect. He has made decisions which have left fans in pain due to defeats we could have certainly overcome.


He’s only human

Yet, he is a man after all, with a family and despite him being a public figure thus making himself a perfect and easy aim in these times of technological advancement but also huge moral regression, thought should be given before certain remarks are made. I am certain Arsene is wise to stay away from Twitter, Facebook et al but he has family and friends who these may affect and just like footballers sometimes uproot because their families aren’t comfortable, I am sure he feels the pains his family and friends who may be more ‘online-present’ may feel when they see certain terms used about their father and friend online.

He has finally put pen to paper on what was one of the worst kept secrets in football, some may disagree but trust me it is for the best. Had he left unceremoniously this summer we would be in a lot of trouble as it is clear the club has handled succession plans woefully. These two years gives the club leeway to put a proper plan in place so we end up with a Conte and not a Moyes.

Once again he has been put firmly in the crosshairs by the board to receive all insults and abuse whilst in the background they save themselves from not having a proper succession plan in place by actually doing that now. I do not know how far or wide this will go, but I entreat all fans who see this to actually come together and support this team like all those who were at Wembley during that wonderful FA Cup final did, to be a proper 12th man and to push whatever team we have in place during these final years of the Wenger era on to the heights we deserve.


Victoria Concordia Crescit

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