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A Message for all Arsenal Fans – There is no victory without harmony

There is no victory without harmony Is there something missing in your lives? Do you feel empty? Does life itself make you feel disenfranchised? Do you feel like a loser? If football is your only outlet of these emotions and thoughts, please don’t use them in a negative or harmful way towards any players or […]

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Yes, we are still THE ARSENAL

Yes, The Arsenal Yes the result sucked Yes Maureen did one on us again Yes we are hurting Yes we weren’t at our best Yes we had 70% possession  Yes we only had 2 shots on target Yes our creativity is virtually non existent  Yes we have our ‘potential’ creative solution sitting at home earning […]

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Victoria Concordia Crescit

Two More Years Of Actual Victory Through Harmony

There he stood on the sidelines of the hallowed turf of the home of English football resplendent in his well ironed white shirt with a tie in the color of our favorite football club, flying resolutely just like the man who wore it, in what certainly must go down as one of the worst turns […]

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Fans fight

Arsenal Fans Are Singing Out Of Tune – Remember Victory Through Harmony?

Stop the fighting fellow Gooners…. I’m just here just to share my views with fellow Gooners. I’m not a pontificator, and I cannot say what is what. But one way I live my life is that nobody has all the answers. We all have opinions. Many of us have strongly-held opinions, I know I do. […]

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