Would a Ronaldo Return to Man United spark the Transfer Domino Effect?

Leaving Madrid?

It seems that the chatter about a potential Cristiano Ronaldo exit is true after all, after several publications revealed the latest developments. Although there was no direct statement coming from the player or from his management team, some publications have shared this development, which according to them was based on an information from a reliable source. According to the source, it seems that the four-time World Player of the Year wants to exit the club, and seems not happy about the recent news and developments surrounding his case. It has been widely reported in the last few days that Ronaldo is currently facing a tax evasion case in Spain, and this development has affected him lately, leaving him disenchanted. Spanish prosecutors have already filed a lawsuit against Ronaldo, and have accused the popular player of defrauding authorities of tax liabilities amounting to €14.7 million. The prosecutors further explained that the Real Madrid player hid his image rights income for nearly 4 years. When he learned about the case, Ronaldo denied this.

On Image Rights, and the Question about His Tax Liabilities

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When Ronaldo first came to Spain and joined the club, the tax laws of the country were favorable to him and other foreign players. During this time, the player was allowed his income that was earned within the country. The arrangement came with a problem- the percentage of image rights earned in the country and outside were not declared. According to the player, his commercial deals with top companies like Coca-Cola, Castrol, Nike and Emirates are all global in nature, thus he is not compelled to report these as earnings in Spain. Unfortunately, the Spanish tax authorities have a different idea. In 2014, Ronaldo already paid an extra to cover his tax liabilities. During this time, the player paid €6m as a way to address his tax problems in Spain. However, with the recent developments, it seems that the prosecutors are asking for more, claiming that the amount paid by Ronaldo was not enough. According to the prosecutors, some of the income that Ronaldo claimed to be ‘global’ should be declared, as earnings in Spain, hence should be taxed. With this development, Ronaldo has limited options- he can go to court and contest the case, or simply accept his lapses and cover the fines. The worst thing that can happen to Ronaldo is to face trial, take the stand, and get a 21-month sentence, which in the end will not be served since he is a first-time offender.

Whatever the option taken, it is clear that Ronaldo is upset, and is mulling on leaving the team. Ronaldo has contributed a lot to the team, and has turned into a mega-draw, putting himself as one of the game’s greats. If ever Ronaldo decides to leave the team, his pay package with Real Madrid will be difficult to match.


Real Madrid Makes Effort to persuade Ronaldo to stay and retain the Team’s Competitive Edge

Zidane hopes to persuade player

When the rumors first surfaced, the Real Madrid team lost no time in contacting the player. Zinedine Zidane immediately contacted Ronaldo, and asked that Ronaldo reconsider his decision. Sergio Ramos also extended his hand to Ronaldo to talk about his transfer, and the future of the team. This was a familiar situation to Ramos as well, but he decided to remain, and helped the team win titles. In case Ronaldo decides to leave the team, it can diminish the team’s strength, which can change the odds of the team when playing in tournaments.

For example, if Ronaldo leaves and accepts an invitation to join other teams, like Manchester United, it can create a betting frenzy, and push bettors to place their bets on a Ronaldo-led Manchester. In fact, some betting sites have already published a 7/2 odds. In short, it will be interesting next few months for enthusiasts and sports bettors since they can take advantage of the possible transfer and movement.

Old Trafford Return?

Coral also joined the prediction frenzy, with its updated Coral betting info, where a transfer to Manchester is listed at 6/4. In addition, Coral listed other potential clubs for the player, with teams like Lisbon at 8/1, Bayern Munich at 12/1 and Chelsea 12/1. Knowing more about the listed odds can help sports bettors make informed bets, and earn better payouts along the way. The listed odds will definitely change in the next few days, and the movements will depend on the next statements that will be issued by Ronaldo or his management team.

This goes to show that Ronaldo is a prized player, and that his presence in a team can make or break their chances of winning in tournaments. Therefore, for sports bettors who want to take advantage of Ronaldo news or any other sports-related developments, it is important to track the updated published odds, and take advantage of free bets that are often offered online.

Should Wenger turn to James?

From an Arsenal perspective, the hope would be that this unexpected addition to the transfer market will have a welcome impact on the transfer domino effect. Certainly, it would seem unlikely that if Man United do move to welcome back their old boy that they would buy James Rodriguez as well, as they were favourites to do. If Alexis is to leave the Emirates this summer the thought of James and Ozil behind a fast striker is appealing and not impossible as Wenger does at least have a good track record with Madrid dealings. Of course the downside is that the Portuguese’s departure from the Bernabeau might make Madrid even more determined to capture Kylian Mbappe. which means that speedy striker may still be Danny Welbeck.

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