Theo Walcott – “An enigma wrapped in a paradox and shrouded in a conundrum”

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“An enigma wrapped in a paradox and shrouded in a conundrum”

Gunners Town’s thoughts on Theo.

During the past week, the Gunners Town Collective have been discussing the enigma that is Theo Walcott. Over the past 11 years, he has divided the fan base on his potential and position in the team.

Good times before another long injury


Firstly @ArsenalNWales:

‘I think Walcott’s problem is consistency and nothing to do with him having a “football brain”. He has had some brilliant performances for us and scored some great goals. He has done things you wouldn’t be able to do without a football brain.’

Was Waddle correct?


@bigjimmy_V chipped in with his thoughts:

‘He was a player that signed under a lot of fanfare for a U18 player. I still remember them clips of him zipping past players as if they weren’t there while playing for Southampton. 

A player of huge potential…

The problem is, he has been that ever since he joined and that was nearly ten years ago. He has never really lived up to his potential and then gone on to be a superstar like he was expected. Theo Walcott’s problems have always been he doesn’t have a football brain and that killer instinct; sadly, he has never improved either really. This is always the problem when it comes to player you like to see progression, he’s always good for a cheeky gamble of a sub where he might grab a goal or something but he’s just not the player Arsenal need right now. I think a new coach and new surroundings will be best for everyone.’

The kid we bought in 06


Then @ArsenalFCview added his views:

‘I will be honest I don’t think that is his problem at all [having a football brain]. His first touch is absolutely appalling and he is not strong enough. He also cannot run with the ball.’


Poor touch?


Following on came @Garythegooner56:

‘As Winston Churchill once said about Russia. “They’re a mystery within an enigma” I think the same could be said about Theo Walcott. One of the most frustrating players I have ever seen at The Arsenal. Some days he looks like a world-beater, but more often than not he drifts out of games and I would go as far to say he hides at times. You wouldn’t want him beside you in the trenches! Lovely lad but not really a natural footballer for me. When he finishes instinctively, he is fine but not so much when he has to think about it and has options. His mind seems to scramble & he messes it up. Once his pace goes there is not a lot else to his game.’


Pace goes and what’s left?


@ArsenalHassan joined the conversation with:

‘Theo Walcott has been here for ages, so long that a friend asked whether he was our academy product cos of that loyalty and I was like – he is only here because no other team would give him the patience and faith he has been given at Arsenal. I mean we have waited for at least a decade for him to come good to no avail. You cannot quite pinpoint what aspect of his game has developed within those years. You would struggle to see him beat man or a two. The game has move beyond just having blistering pace to burn. You need to more than one-dimensional to be effective in a team like ours. Maybe he can strive in a team that doesn’t rely so much on build-up play like ours.

The irony with Arsenal fans regarding Theo is that they were ready and happy to wait for him to come good for all those years, but they have quickly lost that faith and patience with Ox, even though he has the better potential and is eventually coming good. Left to me right now, Walcott should not be earning more than Ox. No wonder there are reports that Chambo is asking for £120k’

Is Ox worth more now?

A Final Editor’s note from @Goonerdave66

‘I think He has the talent and I will always have a soft spot for him but I think the new set up and new players sideline him. Modern Arsenal need 11 players working hard for 90 minutes. Theo is capable of it as he has shown is short periods but the work ethic never seems to be maintained. To play one of the two roles behind the striker in the new 3421 may be beyond him as he lacks the vision to make a killer pass. If we revert to 4231 for some matches or during games he still has the opportunity to be a game changer from the bench but that is his ceiling for Arsenal at present I fear.’

Generally, the collective thought process lead to the following facts:

Theo has potential, but that doesn’t last for 10 years.

Pace alone does not give you a career in football, although Theo has managed it!

He can score goals, but only when he doesn’t over think it, and

He is paid over the odds for the talents (or lack thereof) he has.



My summary of Theo goes something like this:


Theo arrived from Southampton in 2006

He was young, had potential and was awfully quick

The right of midfield was the position played

However, he dreamed of replacing Thierry Henry one day

The Changing faces of Theo

11 years later and Henry is long gone

Theo’s time at the Arsenal seems to go on and on

He just does not fit the formation it seems

In addition, a role down the middle is still what he dreams


Laca, Ollie and Danny all ahead in that queue

Theo has no chance of making the central break through

With Alexis, Iwobi and Ozil all playing out wide

Theo is not getting anywhere near the first side


So now, ‘What’s next for poor Theo?’ you say

His only real option is to get on his way

However, you see he is now paid £140k per week

Therefore, it looks like we are stuck, until his contract is complete.



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