We had a Fan to Man Chat with Mesut Ozil

Head to Head with MO11

I am they say The World’s Finest 10

So we hear so act like it then

I want £250k a week and then I might sign

We would rather you played till May on £160k that’s fine

But I do love The Arsenal, I have always said

So sign up or ship out, let’s put this to bed

I complete each match over 90% of my passes

I can see that Mesut, I do not need glasses

So what is your problem and why take offence

Because we don’t want safe 5 yarders but ones that split their defence

But I am the Assist King, my stats do not lie

Double figures once in 4 seasons is not actually so high

But I put it on a plate and my teammates don’t score

Well don’t give up on them and do it some more

I never give up and I run and run every game

Cool but maybe run AND tackle if it’s all the same

I can try I suppose but it’s not really my style

We know but it is in this league and you’ve been here a while

So you’re saying you like me but want me to be strong

Add work ethic and application to your talent you won’t go far wrong

So as you English would say ‘just pull up my socks’?

Yes and one last tip you are allowed to shoot outside the box.

Got it all now I will take your advice

Welcome old son and that would be nice


Before you jump in the above is tongue in cheek and inspired by the Twitter vibe post Stoke defeat. It is a bit of fun with perhaps and underlying serious point or two 🙂

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One Response to We had a Fan to Man Chat with Mesut Ozil

  1. Dhruv August 21, 2017 at 9:41 am #

    Spot on
    The guy seems like a lost camel sometimes…

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