Iwobi – A Nigerian Prince but does he have the tools to claim the King’s Throne?

Iwobi the new hybrid star with boots to fill

Scores v Brighton

As the slight German Prince and Chilean dictator slowly made their way to the exit doors in an almost riding off into the sunset kind of way, a Nigerian prince offered to save the future of Arsenal football club and it wouldn’t even involve giving any bank details via email.

Alex Iwobi is the name of the Nigerian Prince in question, yes he has had a number of false dawns in the past but recently he has been a marvel. In his game against Chelsea his passing accuracy was 90% and versus Brighton it was 91%, with a match rating of 9 out of 10.

Passing v Chelsea 90%

Surpassed v Brighton 91%

What’s so interesting about the pass accuracy is last season not one attacking player in the Premier league made the top 10 for pass accuracy stats. The top five consisted of centre midfielders like Xhaka and Mousa Dembele of the Spuds.

After the Brighton game Arsene Wenger set some new targets for Iwobi and also praised his game.

He said:

 “I think he is the kind of player who has a good availability and helps you a lot to get out of pressure when you’re in the build-up and creates spaces.

“What we want of him is final balls and goals as well. A player like him must score 10 goals and he must get between six and 10 assists. That’s what I want of him.”

Busy Bee

With the above things said along with Iwobi’s busy bee style of play and skills as well as his high accuracy in passing makes a new type of player for Arsenal. Alex Iwobi is some kind of hybrid of an attacking midfielder that provides stats of a centre midfielder.

If he can provide the goals and assists Wenger wants from him, he could be a spectacular replacement for Ozil at least, especially in the current formation. Hard working, industrious, accurate, skillful to a baller standard. This Nigerian Prince has all the tools to be a king!

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One Response to Iwobi – A Nigerian Prince but does he have the tools to claim the King’s Throne?

  1. Victor Thompson October 5, 2017 at 12:52 pm #

    Hi James, I agree with your assessment of Iwobi. He is definitely one for the future. He is a powerful looking lad and he has all the attributes you describe, but despite his impressive build, I think he still lacks stamina. He rarely gets 90 minutes playing time and I think it is for that reason.

    I think it is the right thing to do for him because he is a star for 60 mins. and then seems to tire. When he grows into his body as all young athletes do, we will see a huge improvement.

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