Arsenal V Liverpool: the most important game of the season?

It’s Friday December 23rd 2017, work is over for the year, Santa Claus is coming to town, the barbie is getting cleaned tomorrow and tonight’s game Vs ‘pool, is now, this seasons key fixture.

3 weeks ago, I truly believed we were in a 5 way battle for 2nd, suddenly, looking at the table after the weekend, we are staring down the barrel at a 3 way scrap for 4th.

Citeh are away and over the mountain and the Chavs and Manure are slowly creeping up the hill to ride their coat tails and a loss to the Scousers tonight would potentially drop us back to 7th, which would be a depressing start to the Christmas holidays.

Santa head in hands

Also, tonight’s result, l believe, will have a massive effect on our fortunes in January.

We all know Alexis is off up t’ Manchester to pick up his league winners medal and therefore a replacement is needed, plus some support/fresh impetus in other areas of the pitch.

If, for example, us and Chelsea are bidding for Lemar and everything is agreed and it’s just down to the player to pick Red or Blue, north of the river or south of the river.

He can’t decide, so he looks at the table, we’re in 7th, Chelski are 3rd, who are you going to choose? It’s a no brainer really.

Our league position leading up to January could be the difference between Lemar or Zaha and A.N.Other centre back or Johnny Evans.

This is why this fixture is our biggest game of the season and an absolute, must win.

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