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Elon Musk Parody

Hey, Elon Musk! Here’s Five Reasons Why You Should Buy Liverpool FC…

  1. Every self-respecting oligarch-sorry-I-mean-billionaire owns a football club. 2. You’re a genius – is there anything you can’t do? Electric cars, rocket ships, trains sorry-I-mean-hyperloops, robots… Like a little small-town boy with a big imagination limited only by his birthday money, building rocket ships, trains, cars, and robots in his back yard, surrounded by […]

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Love Exhausted, Love Alive – a little bit of love can take you to the top [ARS 3-2 LIV] (Positive Needs & Hopes)

Love Exhausted, Love Alive POSITIVES, NEEDS and HOPES  An Arsenal Blog from a Coachʻs Perspective Love has many faces. No one place is it more tested than at home. Marriage and kids bring out every emotion but ultimately they are all wrapped in love. Somewhere behind family comes sport. If you are attached and invested […]

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Composure and Confidence: Arsenal have their pockets picked by relentlessly intense Liverpool [LIV 4-0ARS]

Composure and Confidence POSITIVES, NEEDS and HOPES I’m writing this late in the day. Had to take time out from being disappointed. I just wasn’t expecting a return to shooting ourselves in the foot and quietly I thought that our momentum could sneak us a 1-0.  I admittedly floated off to my dream state of […]

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