Arsenal 2017 Mid-Season Autopsy: The Good, Bad and Fugly


So, the year is almost ending.

But then how has it been for us? This is my view:

The Good

I cannot ignore the FA Cup win. A certain club got second place for the first time in decades, but that’s not a trophy, is it? We were underdogs vs. Chelsea, but then we bossed them throughout and got a deserved win. Certain clubs can say the FA Cup is meaningless and comically ignore major facets of their history. But we know better. Two league cups in thirty odd years is paltry, as we all understand.

A real trophy. FA Cup Winners 2017.

A real trophy.

Another good was the form of Alexis, Ozil, Lacazette, and Kolasinac. They stand out for me this calendar year, though in varying parts for differing reasons. Ozil has stood out in 17/18, whilst Alexis did in 16/17. Moreover, Lacazette has settled in well, as has “the tank”.

Maitland-Niles handled Salah well in the Liverpool game, and Nketiah, Nelson, and Willock have all been able youngsters, for us and for England too.

Wenger is getting more tactically adept, which is different to his performances over several seasons now.

The Bad

Wenger staying. OK, my views on him are well-stated. I respect him a lot, for his achievements and legacy. But staying was the wrong decision, but then it’s up to him to improve.

wenger alexis

Alexis’s form in 17/18 has been poor, though it could be he is downing tools. Nonetheless, he clearly is seeking to leave the club.

The transfer window was poorly conducted, and it’s fair to see that we didn’t get all of the players we needed.

The Fugly

Losing to Palace, WBA, Spurs away, and Chelsea away were poor results. Liverpool (a), and United were similarly poor albeit for differing reasons.

Overall, it’s been a mixed year, though let’s see if we can improve in 2018.

I’d want us to get, or achieve:

  • Top four in the league
  • The Europa League
  • A mobile central mid
  • A central defender with pace and good organisational ability
  • A defensive coach
  • Two from Fekir, Draxler, Mahrez, or even Richarlison or Zaha.
  • A win vs. Spurs at their “ground”. They win games there, but we win trophies there. That’s a huge difference, is it not?
We Won The League at Shite Hart Lane

We Won The League at Shite Hart Lane

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