Life under Wenger in 2018 – A Pointless Rhyme about the end of his Time!

Life under Wenger in 2018 – A pointless rhyme

Time to end the rhyme

From ridiculous to sublime always they say

This year the latter more often the way

Motivating his players for the big ones still seems okay

Other matches who knows which team will turn up on the day


The defensive organisation a shambles, zonal so old

But no work on the defence in training, so we are told

Why not just turn to your right and listen to Bould?

His hair may have gone but his experience is gold

Turn to your right

You can no longer tell us the mentality is strong

When the evidence clearly shows us the statement is wrong

You have been here forever and may feel you belong

But when you can’t do your job forever is too long


We bemoan the lack of loyalty in this era of the game

But your loyalty to some players is quite clearly to blame

Sticking with the ‘same old’ you will just get the same

Top coaches select by form and formations and not by the name


This must now be, this long running play’s final act

So please step aside soon to keep your legacy intact

You arrived as a visionary, an indisputable fact

No one shares your vision now, so leave before you are sacked

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One Response to Life under Wenger in 2018 – A Pointless Rhyme about the end of his Time!

  1. Victor Thompson January 31, 2018 at 12:38 pm #

    An author`s profession is one you must rue

    When the negative words are so very true!

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