Arsenal fans: Joachim Löw – Be Careful What You Wish For

Joachim Löw

Tipped to replace Wenger

Whether you’re Wenger in, Wenger out or indeed if you’re Wenger shake it all about, there is a distinct desire for something to be done at Arsenal to change recent fortunes. The lily white neighbours are getting a little too smug and the media are having a little much too fun writing off Arsenal’s demise.

Many feel what is needed is to bring in a new manager, as current Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is too inconsistent in producing good results. There is many a rumour that Arsenal are going German for their new man, the new chief scout, Sven Mislintat is German, many players are German or have German backgrounds, so it wouldn’t be a surprise for them to bring a German in – although the man in question is current German national team coach: Joachim Löw.

Joachim Löw won the world cup in 2014 and the confederations cup in 2016, and with Germany made final and semi-final appearances at the European championships. In the recent qualifying campaign Germany were unbeaten in 19 games with 16 wins and 3 draws and a points average of 2.68 thanks to mostly 4 2 3 1 or 3 4 2 1 formations. Over the past 6 seasons Low has had a tidy points average of 1.98.

World Cup Winner

World Cup Winner

But all was not so rosy for the Schönau native in his earlier managing career. At his last club, Austria Vienna he yielded 15 wins 8 draws and 8 losses and an average of 1.71 points a game. His most successful stint in club management was 20 years ago for Stuttgart in the 97/98 season using a 3 5 2 formation yielding 25 wins 11 draws and 14 losses coming 4th in the Bundesliga ,along with an average of 1.72 points a game.

Low has managed mostly minnows of Europe, clubs that include Fenerbahce, Karlsruher, Tirol Innsbruck, Adanaspor as well as the aforementioned ones, whilst only winning one league title during his spell at Innsbruck.

Joachim has a club career points average of 1.44, his national team average is 1.98, by way of reference Arsene Wenger has averaged 1.91 points a game over the past 6 seasons including this one.
In contrast Pep Guardiola has never slipped under a points average of 2.20. Even Conte has never slipped under 2.00 – in fact at Juventus and Chelsea it’s around the 2.20 mark. The same goes for Carlo Ancelotti he’s another 2.00+ guy . All this makes you realise Löw could very much be like a modern day Arsene Wenger.

2.2 Average

2.2 Average

Taking all this into account we do know that Löw is keen on constant evolution, hence the change of his tactics almost on a yearly basis now for Germany, but with that said – to quote a German football expert I interviewed about Löw coming to Arsenal he said:

“ I would suggest staying clear, I just don’t think he’s cut out for club management with his previous record and lack of (elite) club experience. “

Hopefully this is a new better version of the Löw that never won a game for Adanaspor; we can only hope that the man – also linked with Real Madrid – if he does join Arsenal, can unite the players and fans alike with success.

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2 Responses to Arsenal fans: Joachim Löw – Be Careful What You Wish For

  1. Goonerjon February 12, 2018 at 4:29 pm #

    Absolutely right about Low and how ironic that Conte wants out of club management to get the Italy job. Chap called Luis Enrique seems to have all the ceredentials…and he’s free or shall we wait until Chelsea get him with our usual bumbling style.

  2. Victor Thompson February 13, 2018 at 12:53 pm #

    I agree completely about Low. He has the best international team, but he has the best set of international players too. Just see how much better Ozil is when he is playing with world class players all around him.

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