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Everton 0-0 Arsenal: Coaches vs Fans [Positive Needs & Hopes]

COACHES vs FANS Positives, Needs and Hopes Part of me wondered if I was reaching a little with this thought. After dialing back the emotion of watching Arsenal trying to attack, I realized that these thoughts have validity….. Fans want defensive solidity and Arsenal fans would sacrifice their Granny for it. When it shows up […]

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Clean up aisle three...

Can Arsenal’s Greek colossus be the pillar of defense that thwarts Napoli’s attack? (Europa QF Preview – 2nd Leg)

Napoli vs. Arsenal Europa League preview QF 2nd Leg (0-2 Aggregate)   We’re heading to southern Italy, and the city of Naples – or Napoli in Italian. Napoli has been the biggest challenger to Juventus of late, beating either bigger clubs like Inter and AC Milan in this regard. They’re no slouches really – since they […]

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Arsenal vs. Napoli Preview: can Emery get it right against Ancelotti’s high-flying Napoli

Arsenal vs. Napoli Preview – Europa League QF Preview   After the poor game at Everton, we’re back in Europe, and this time vs. Napoli of Italy’s Serie A. This was, of course, the hardest draw in the competition – though I feel whoever wins this will go on to win the competition. However, despite […]

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World Cup Winner

Arsenal fans: Joachim Löw – Be Careful What You Wish For

Whether you’re Wenger in, Wenger out or indeed if you’re Wenger shake it all about, there is a distinct desire for something to be done at Arsenal to change recent fortunes. The lily white neighbours are getting a little too smug and the media are having a little much too fun writing off Arsenal’s demise. […]

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Wenger’s Shoes – though out of style – will still take some filling: who will be Arsenal’s Cinderella Manager?

  Not “If”, but “When” Nobody can say for sure when Wenger will leave Arsenal -except Arséne himself, of course – but the beleaguered manager has to go eventually. Surely? Most, it would seem, would prefer sooner rather than later. A bigger question might be: who is going to replace him? Events this summer indicate […]

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So does spending equal automatic Premier League Success? Is it as simple as that?

Arsenal’s start to the season has done no favors to the notion that this squad can win the league.  Unsurprisingly, the clamoring for buying a new striker or backup defensive midfielder or any other ‘we need’ you may have heard, has only increased fervently. Apparently, we must spend.  Apparently, we must show our ambition by […]

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