Arsene Wenger “So what the fcuk do I do now?”

Have you ever decided, “Bugger it, I’ve had enough, I’m jacking it all in.” Stormed up to your boss, slapped your resignation on his (or hers) desk, flipped them the bird, stomped out of the office, abusing everybody you hate on the way out.

Only, once you get to your car, you start thinking, “Oh sh!t, what have I just done, what am I going to do now, how am I going to tell the wife, how am I gonna pay for my next season ticket?”

Well, to all intents, that’s what Arsene has just done (if he wasn’t pushed and for the purposes of this story he walked), and that’s the situation he now finds himself in.

( Ok I know he’s probably got £50 mill in the bank, but go with me on this…)

So I thought I’d try and find Arsene a new job:

International Supermodel ?

MMA fighter ?

Fashion designer ?

Scarecrow ?

The CEO of YKK ?


Yoga teacher ?

Hair dresser ?

Extra on Magic Mike 3 ?

Maybe, no, guessing he’s not getting any of these anytime soon, so it’s Madrid, China or PSG then.

One Response to Arsene Wenger “So what the fcuk do I do now?”

  1. Arsenal True Fans May 8, 2018 at 2:04 pm #

    Am laughing about the last picture of Arsene Wenger naked but it’s cool and I will Miss him.

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